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Alphabet : F > Arts & Crafts

Finger Painting added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Have children finger paint things that begin with F, such as fish, flowers, frogs, etc.
Feet added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Have each child trace and cut out the shape of his or her own feet. Use everyone's feet shapes to make the Big and/or small letter F for a display on the wall.
Fireworks added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Net Scrubbie, Black Construction paper, Gold (or any color you want) tempera paint, Paper towel

Use black construction paper and make fireworks using net scrubbies that you use washing your pots and pans. Mix tempera paint in a tray and add paper towels to make more of a stamp pad. The paper towel should be wet not soaking. Too much paint and it won't work. Touch the scrubbie to the paper towel and press on paper. I have gold tempera which really looks spectacular. Use white and red as well and add glitter to the paint. It is a great effect on the black paper.

More Fireworks added 3-2-99
Original Author Unknown

Need: Red and Blue paint, White Construction paper, Straws

For fireworks one year we put blue and red paint on white paper. Then the children took a straw and blue the paint blobs around to look like fireworks. It was simple for the little ones to also do. Just make sure you poke a little pin prick hole at the top of the straw so they do not inhale the paint.

Paper plate fish added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: white paper plate, watercolor paint, brushes, container of water, construction paper, (blue, green or white) glue, markers, safety scissors.

Use scissors to cut out the shape of a fish from the paper plate. Paint the fish with water color paint and allow to dry. Use markers to add things such as eyes scales and gills to the fish. Glue fish onto construction paper. Paint things such as underwater plants and sea creatures onto the paper.

Make Fingerpaint added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Recipe: (add a sprinkling of powdered soap flakes to either of these recipes to help paint glide over the paper and to make clean up easier)

Mix 2 parts of liquid laundry starch with 1 part powdered tempera paint of a few drop a or food color as you paint on the paper
Mix flour and cold water into a paste. Add food coloring or powdered tempera paint on the paper as you paint.

Funny Fingerprints added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Sheet of paper, paint, sponge, plastic margarine tub, markers, (fine point) scissors

Cut a sponge to fit inside the margarine tub. Saturate sponge with paint for a printing pad. Press fingertip into pad, then press onto paper for fingerprints. Use markers to draw things such as funny animals, people or funny insects. ( you can also do funny foot prints if you are feeling brave!, Just be sure to supervise closely so the kids don't slip!)

Facepaint added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Paint the kids faces as ferocious felines, fearless firefighters, funny fish or anything else you can come up with!

F collage added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Ahead of time cut pictures from a magazine or old cards of things that begin with F. Have the children glue the pictures onto construction paper to make a collage of F things.

Feet Butterflies added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Have each child stand on a piece of paper with fee slightly apart. Trace around each child's feet to make "butterfly wings." Draw a butterfly body between each pair of wings and add antennae and smiling faces. Let the children decorate their butterflies with crayons. Then have them brush glue over their butterflies and sprinkle them with glitter.

Frogs added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Get a picture of a frog and will let the children glue green tissue paper on it. I will have the children cut out a big circle from green construction paper then cut the edges of a coffee filter and glue it on the green circle to make a lily pad and glue their frog on the lily pad. It looks really cute.

Fabulous Flags added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Give each child a triangular (pennant shaped) piece of construction paper that is approximately six inches wide at the large end and 12-18 inches long. Provide bright construction paper squares and circles for the children to glue on. I try to get the children to do this project from left to right and in descending sizes (left to right as they will need to do this for reading purposes later on for reading). When the flags are dry tape them to cardboard tubes from paper toweling. When the flags are finished put on some marching music, and have a parade.

Finger Paint bags added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Put red paint, yellow paint and blue paint into a small ziplock (just a small amount of paint, get all air out, and make sure it is zipped properly)......let children use their fingers ON TOP OF THE BAGS to mix colors (children don't ever actually touch the paint)...when paint is all mixed, use as a writing tablet...children write using their fingers, then erase by rubbing the bag with their flat hand!!

Counting feet added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

Cut six egg cups from a cardboard egg carton. Poke a pipe cleaner through each egg cup to make two legs and bend up the ends to make feet. Decorate the last cup with two eyes and two antennae. Have the children place several of the cups in a row to create a caterpillar. Have them count the number of feet it has. Then let them line up a different number of egg cups and count the feet on the new caterpillar they have made.

Fish Prints added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

Bringing in real fish from the grocery store to check out the "parts." We let the kids paint on the fish (with Bio color paint), then put a piece of paper on top and rub it - it makes a beautiful fish print on the paper - we wiped it off with wipes and paper towel between each child. Or instead of paper have each child bring in a plain T-shirt and make fish print shirts. It's neat if you have different species of fish. Use tempera paint, a different color for each fish and then with a marker write the type of fish underneath.

Finger-paint Fans added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Give the children small paper plates to finger-paint. After the plates are dry, print a capital and small F. Tape a tongue depressor to the back for a handle and let the children have fun fanning themselves.

Festive Frames added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Make frames by cutting them out of cardboard or by gluing Popsicle sticks together. Then decorate them with sequins, glitter, stickers, markers, buttons, etc. Glue a magnet to the back of the frame.

Feet  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Put a large sheet of paper on the floor, and let the kids step in paint. Walk across the paper, step into a bucket of water to rinse your feet off.

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