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Arts & Crafts: Holidays > Father's Day

Father's Shirt added 7-22-98
Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, and wallpaper

Directions: Take a piece of construction paper and hold it like a hot dog bun. Fold the top down to the bottom. Then take the paper and turn it so that the fold is on the right side. Then go down about an inch from the top and on both sides of the paper cut about 2" in (on each side) but NOT all the way in to the middle. These two cuts with make the collar if you fold the two pcs. down to the middle. Add a wallpaper tie and it is precious. She cut the folded side so that it would open up and she put a poem on the inside.
You could add a pocket and fill it with "coupons" for DAD.

Baseball Card added 7-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Poster board, red lanyard, magnet, and a picture of the child

Directions: Cut out baseballs from poster board and then draw 
red laces
on them. Put the date of Father's Day on 
the top. Then have the
children take a red lanyard 
and lace the ball. Laminated the baseball, put a

magnet on the back and the child's picture on the front.

A Bookmark added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Heavy paper, child's photo, markers and crayons, and contact paper 

Directions: A small bookmark-shaped strip of posterboard with the child's photo glued on one end and the words "I'll save your place, Dad" written on it. Then the children decorate it. I don't have a laminating machine, so I just cover it (both sides) with clear contact paper.

A "Hug" added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: A close-up head-and-shoulders shot of the child, cut out and glued to a manila file folder (or posterboard), leaving a 2.5" base below the photo; tracings of both of the child's hands cut out of the same file folder material; a strip of construction 
paper approximately 18" x 2.5"
with the words "I love you this much!" written on it. 

Directions: Glue a hand on each end and the photo in the center (extra material on the backside). Fold the ends in so that it looks like a child with his arms folded in front of him. When you open it out, the outstretched arms will let it stand on a desk or shelf. I hope I explained it well enough. It really is adorable. I've used it for both mom and dad.

Ties added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: White or off white ties, fabric paint

Directions: Go to any store that sells ties. I would recommend a thrift store such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army or any store like those. Buy white or off white ties. Have the children dip their hands in Fabric paint and press onto the ties. Let dry.

Footprints added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: construction paper, paint (optional)

Directions: Footprint picture made by tracing the foot or by letting the children step in paint and making prints. Print the following poem:

"Walk a little slower, Daddy",
Said a little child so small.
"I'm following in your footsteps,
And I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they're hard to see;
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true;
So, walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you."

Collage added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Magazines

Directions: Father collage from pictures of men and children cut from magazines - have them dictate a story describing their choices and what they mean.

Desk Blotter added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, contact paper

Directions: A desk blotter or mouse pad from pictures on  construction paper that has been contact papered.

A pencil holder added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, contact paper

Directions: Decorate a strip of construction paper in any fashion then contact paper it around a can brought from home.

Wind Chimes for Dad added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Old Screws, nuts, bolts, wood, and fishing line

Directions: We make mobile (wind chimes) out of old screws , nuts , and bolts. I got old scraps of wood and used fishing line to connect the nuts and bolts to the old  piece of wood.

Nail Aprons added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Nail Aprons, fabric paint, permanent markers

Directions: I went out today & asked for some nail aprons for the children to decorate 4 Father's Day. The big companies like Builders Square would not give me some. So I went to the small independent company & it worked! I now have 30 nail aprons for my kids to decorate & give to dad. I bought a bunch of permanent sharpie markers & some fabric paint. I'll let my kids put on a few handprints & use all those different colored markers.

Plate added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: 9 inch paper plate, crayons, markers, paint, glitter, buttons, sequins, or 
anything else you
would like to add.

Directions: Use a 9 inch paper plate. Draw a circle in the middle of the plate-the circle should include the "flat part" of the plate that is in the middle, but not the "ribbed part" of the outside of the plate. Make one cut through the plate in the ribbed area to get to the circle and then cut the circle out. You should now have a circle and a ring (the 
ring is the ribbed part). Draw
the shape of a tie (the large diamond look) in the middle of the circle and cut out. Make sure the tie starts at one side of the circle and ends at the other side so your tie will be as long as possible. This cut out shape should look like the part of a tie you see laying on the front of a man's shirt when he is wearing the tie. Staple the tie shape to the ring shape. Place the staple on the opposite side of the cut you made through the ring shape. You should be able to slip the ring around your neck like a necklace and the tie shape should be resting on your chest just like a real tie. The ring around your neck is what holds the tie on. You may decorate your tie with crayons, markers, paint, glitter, buttons, sequins, or anything else you would like to add. You can also stamp or sponge paint your tie.

Father's Day Yummy Cup added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Plastic cup, markers, candy, small note pad, and tissue paper

Directions: Take a regular plastic cup (tumbler), bright colors are cute!  Let the kids decorate outside w/ marker. Help them write the occasion : Happy Fathers Day! Love you ! etc... We used med. blue cups w/ light blue tissue paper stuffed inside cup.  Then let the kids fill w/ goodies for their Dad!  We used a baggie of gummie bears, 
some gum, a small note-pad ( on the first page we made a coupon for Dad to take the whole day OFF!).

Father's Day pop-up Card added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pencil, Scissors, Glue, A ruler, 2 sheets of colored paper (approximately 8.5" x 11"), Crayons, Markers, Glitter

Directions: Hold one piece of paper with the short side at the bottom.  Fold in half, bringing the top down. Firmly crease the fold with your fingernail. Using your ruler and pencil, make a dot at the center of the creased fold. Measure one inch to the right of this center dot, and using the ruler draw a straight 2" line (at right angle to crease).  Repeat the measure and cut on the left side.  At this point you should have two 2" slits at the top of your card. Open the card, positioning the center, cut out, section forward.  It should form a cube when opened.  Crease the front and bottom section of the cube, and close the card, folding the cube flat (facing toward you so that it pops up when you open the card). Take the second piece of paper and glue it to the other side of the card. Your Father's Day card will be rectangular (approximately 5.5" X 8.5") and will open from the bottom.  For the pop-up you can draw and then cut out a heart or other design of your choice (make it taller than the box - around 3" high and about 2" wide). Get creative.  You might want to cut out a picture to place on the pop-up cube or glue on a family portrait.  Put glue on the cube
section only and fold the card closed, being certain the pop-up lies flat.  Your design will pop up, covering much of the cube when the card is opened.  Now the fun really begins.  You might want to write Happy Father's Day on the front of your card, with a message to Dad inside.  Color and decorate the card, inside and out using crayons, markers, and glitter.  Use your imagination!

Father's day Ties  added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, paint contact paper, and elastic

Directions: Cut out ties about 8 - 10 inches long out of construction paper. Have the children decorate them with paints. On the back put their names and date and laminate it. Put a piece of elastic through two holes punched into the top on each side.

Pat on the back for Dad  added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Men's T-shirts, Fabric Paint.

Directions: Have the children make hand-prints on the back of the T-shirts, then write, "This Dad Needs A Pat On The Back."

Souper Dad  added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Can of soup, construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and a bow

Directions: Each child brings a can of their dad's favorite soup.  Take a piece of construction paper the size of the can label.  Let the children decorate the label using markers, crayons, stickers, etc.  Make a tag that says, "Souper Soup For A Souper Dad."  Put a stick bow on top of the can.

Dads Bookmark   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, water color paint, Q-tips, contact paper, and ribbon

Directions: Cut a bookmark whatever size you would like.  Have the children watercolor one side with Q-tips and on the other side put date and message to dad.  When dry, laminate it and tie a ribbon through a hole punched out on top.

Father's Day Cards   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Assorted colors of paint, Construction paper, Copier paper, Stickers, crayons, markers, etc.

Directions: Talk to the children about things they can do around the house to help their dads.  Then help them make a "helping hands" Father's Day card. Give each child 4 pieces of white copier paper and have them make hand-prints on each sheet.  When they are dry, make a cover out of construction paper and staple the children's 
papers inside.  Let the children decorate their covers. The dads can then tear out the pages of the card and present them to the children when they need a "helping hand."

Snack for Dad   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, Small coffee cans, Clear contact paper, Stickers, paints, markers, crayons, etc., 2 boxes of fish shaped crackers, 1 large bag of pretzels, 1 large bag of raisins, 2 boxes cheerios, Popcorn

Directions: First, make decorated snack food containers for Father's Day.  Cut the construction paper to fit the coffee cans.  Let the children decorate the construction paper with stickers, paint, markers, crayons, etc.  Glue the children's decorated papers onto the coffee cans and then cover with clear contact paper. Next, make a Father's Day snack to put into the cans. Let the children help mix the fish crackers, pretzels, raisins, cheerios, and popcorn together. Fill the cans with this snack.

Puzzle Pictures   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: 8 x 10 pieces of posterboard, Various old puzzles with missing pieces, 5 x 7 pieces of construction paper, Paint, Glue,

Directions: Using the paint, have the children make a hand print on the 5 x 7 piece of paper.  Glue the hand- prints onto the posterboard.  Let the children glue the puzzle 
pieces on the poster board, around the hand print to create a frame.

Pops pencil Holder   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Popsicle sticks, Glue, Paint (two or more different colors), Tomato sauce can (remove one end of the can and the paper).

Directions: Paint Popsicle sticks whatever colors you have chosen. When these have dried, glue them to the tomato sauce can.  These make neat pencil holders for dad.

Hand Print Art   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Water color paper, Acrylic paint, frame. glass, mat board, gold paint marker

Directions: The children wanted to give Dad a lasting impression of their hands so we went & bought good watercolor paper.  Then each child picked out acrylic paint in the color of their choice.  Then we purchased a frame, glass & mat. I painted each child hand with the paint using a foam brush then positioned their hand over the 
paper & pressed..........then I took a gold paint marker & made a bow on the index finger.  Then in the upper corner in calligraphy I wrote......."Dad we have you
wrapped around our fingers" He truly loved the print & it now hangs in our foyer for a permanent reminder of their little hands.

Someone Like A Father   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Directions: Because some children do not live with (some do not even know) one parent or the other (or either), remind children that they can make gifts for "Someone Who Is Like a Father To Me" or "My Special Person" ....

Key Chains  added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Meat Tray, permanent markers, sharp instrument (Adult Only), key ring, use of an oven

Directions: Cut off curved sides from meat trays.  Have children decorate using permanent markers (I know it's hard for the young ones to keep permanent markers off everything, so you may need to keep an eye on them.)  With a black permanent marker write your message.  I had the children write it with a pencil first and then trace with marker.  We used  the message Happy Fathers Day.  With a sharp instrument make a hole in the meat tray close to the edge but not  too close.  Write the kids name  and the date and any other special message also with permanent marker.  Now the really neat stuff. Place the meat trays on a cookie sheet lined with foil and place in a low oven for 2-5 minutes.( Keep an eye on them as they tend to roll up and stick together) The meat trays heat up, shrink and get hard.  I added a key ring in the hole and made key chains for Father's Day. The mother's in my class were very upset and jealous that the fathers were getting this.

Stress Ball   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Latex examination glove or a balloon (a Balloon looks better.), sand, permanent markers

Directions: Fill a latex examination glove or a balloon with clean sand. I used it out of our school sandbox so I sifted it first. I will let the children do all of this. Fill the glove until it is very full. Then tie it in a knot. I will let the children decorate it with permanent markers all colors. On the palm area write: To the best Dad, Hands Down!  On the fingers add smile faces.  : )  add hair etc...Write: I Love You down the fingers. Write: Happy Father's Day on the back palm area. Add fingernails color them red. Add rings ....get creative. Now this blob hand is a great item to set on a desk. It's very unique. It can be posed. Add your rings to the fingers. It can hold small cards. Great stress reliever. You can lay it flat & press down on the palm area to make an indentation. It can hold small coins. I don't think many dad's have these. When I was experimenting  with the gloves  all my co-workers wanted one. Keep in mind that you want the glove to be full so that the fingers stand upright. You also need to squeeze out any air that is inside the glove so you don't have a bubble. It is very easy to do.

Wrapping Paper   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: newsprint, shape sponges, and paint

Directions: Let the children wrap their gifts in wrapping paper they have made from newsprint stamped with fish shaped sponge painting (or car/truck sponge shapes).

Paper Weight   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: rocks, paint, felt and wiggly eyes

Directions: What about a rock paper weight, have your kids paint it any colors they want add those eye's that move, a felt nose, mouth, ears, tail etc.  Put felt on the bottom of the rock and wa la you have a paperweight.

Chef Hat   added 4-20-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Chef's hats, and dad's favorite things

Directions:  We decorated them with their dads favorite things I.E. golf tees, fishing flies, rubber worms etc. They were too funny.


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