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Arts & Crafts > Holiday: Fourth Of July

Stars And Stripes Collage Added 6-5-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Blue construction paper, Red and white construction paper cut into 1" strips, Silver star stickers, Glue

Directions: Set out all of the materials and let the kids create.

Stars And Stripes Sponge Painting Added 6-5-98 
Original Author Unknown

Need: Red and blue paint, Sponges cut into stars and long strips, White construction paper

Directions: Let the children make sponge prints on the white paper with the red and blue paint.

Red, White, And Blue Salt Jars Added 6-5-98  Original Author Unknown

Need: Empty baby food jars with lids, 9 cups rock salt, Red and blue food coloring, ½ cup rubbing alcohol

1. To make the colored rock salt: Measure 3 cups of rock salt to be blue, 3 cups to be white, and 3 cups to be red, and place each in three separate bowls.
2. Combine ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol with ½ a bottle or more of red food coloring (you want the colors to be bright). Do the same for the blue food coloring.
3. Mix the red alcohol mixture into one of the bowls of rock salt. Mix well and let sit for about 1 minute. Drain the excess alcohol mixture off of the rock salt. (WARNING: This will smell pretty yucky!) Spread the colored rock salt on cookie sheets and set outside in the sun to dry (this will take only an hour or so). Repeat the same procedure for the blue food coloring.
4. Do nothing with the remaining rock salt because you want it to stay white.

1. Once the different colors of salt are dry, place them on a table with spoons and baby food jars.
2. Guide the children to spoon the colored rock salt into their jars.
3. Seal the children's creation with the lid.

Fireworks Added 6-24-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Net Scrubbie, Black Construction paper, Gold (or any color you want) tempera paint, Paper towel

Directions: Use black construction paper and make fireworks using net scrubbies that you use washing your pots and pans. Mix tempera paint in a tray and add paper towels to make more of a stamp pad. The paper towel should be wet not soaking. Too much paint and it won't work. Touch the scrubbie to the paper towel and press on paper. I have gold tempera which really looks spectacular. Use white and red as well and add glitter to the paint. It is a great effect on the black paper.

More Fireworks Added 6-24-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Red and Blue paint, White Construction paper, Straws

Directions: For fireworks one year we put blue and red paint on white paper. Then the children took a straw and blue the paint blobs around to look like fireworks. It was simple for the little ones to also do. Just make sure you poke a little pin prick hole at the top of the straw so they do not inhale the paint.

4th of July Wand added 7-14-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: newspaper, red, white and blue streamers, markers or paint, glue stick, star stickers

Directions: Take a large sheet of newspaper and fold in half. Start at one corner and roll into a long stick shape. Tape. Children can color newspaper with markers/paint, etc. Attach crepe paper streamers or strips of tissue paper at one end (or anywhere) with a glue stick. Decorate with foil star stickers. Can be used for a parade, dancing, etc.

Star Crowns added 7-14-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Glue, red paint, Red, White, and Blue Construction paper, Scissors, and star stickers.

Directions: Pre cut stars out of red, white and blue construction paper. Give each child a long white band (about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide) of construction paper long enough to fit around a child's head. Let each child glue (I colored my white glue with some red paint) as many paper stars on the band as they want. I also put out some red, white and blue stickers for the to put on. When dry, fit to each child's head and staple. The kids just love the star spangled crown.

Torches added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Old Newspaper, paint, tissue paper

Directions: Use old newspapers and roll them in a large cone shape. Let children paint the cones. When dry, stuff with red and yellow tissue paper. To be the "flame" of the torch. Have the children make crowns, and then they can be the statue of Liberty. I often let them parade.

Flags added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, tissue paper, and glue

Directions: Start with white construction paper. Children glue on red strips, to make red and white stripes. Then glue a blue square in the top left corner. For the stars you can use white tissue paper, crumpled up, or star stickers.

Bells added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper Cups, jingle bell, string, and markers

Directions: Use paper cups and let children decorate them. (have them add a "Crack", like the Liberty Bell) use string through the bottom of the cup, and tie on a small 'jingle bell'

Rockets added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, markers, string

Directions: Make a cone shape, out of construction paper. Decorate with markers. Cut a narrow (approx. 2" long) slits on opposite sides of the wide open end. Use 18" of string, and with the point up, put the string through the slits, and pull sharply on the ends of relaxed string (rocket will fly into air)

Wind Socks added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, glue, (tape, or staples) string, streamers 

Directions: Use red, white or blue construction paper and roll it length wise. Glue, tape or staple together. Add string as a handle to one end. Add red, white and blue streamers to the other end.

Red, White, And Blue Puffy Paint Picture added 5-20-99
Original Author Unknown

Need: Flour, Salt, Water, Red and blue food coloring, Empty mustard squeeze bottles, Cardboard

1. Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water to make the puffy paint.
2. Divide mixture into three different bowls and color one bowl of mixture blue, one bowl red, and leave the last one white.
3. Fill the mustard bottles with the mixture (one color per squeeze bottle).
4. Let the children squeeze the different colors onto the cardboard.
5. Allow the children's artwork to dry. When it is dry, the design will be raised and will sparkle!

Tissue Fireworks added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black construction paper, one sheet per child, White chalk, Glue, White and colored tissue paper, Scissors

1. Cut tissue into 1" squares.
2. Draw fireworks patterns on the black construction paper with chalk (3 per paper).
3. Give each child one piece of prepared black paper and a container of 1" tissue paper squares and a container of white glue with a squeeze top.
4. Instruct the children to use their finger tips and ball up each square of tissue. Be sure they pick up only one piece at a time.
5. Instruct the children to place glue dots along one line of a firework, and to place the balled-up tissue on the glue.
6. Have them complete the task, using any color patterns they desire.

Glitter Paint Fireworks Pictures added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: matte board or cardboard, white glue( thinned with water in a cup), paintbrushes, shakers with large holes, powdered tempera paint, glitter

Directions: Paint the entire surface of the matte board or cardboard with thinned white glue. Fill shakers with powdered tempera and glitter. Shake the paint glitter mixture onto the glue to make "fireworks". Dry the project for a long time (a couple of days).

Fireworks added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, glue, glitter

Directions: Make your own fireworks. We gave each of the children a piece of black construction paper and had them make designs using white glue (Elmer's). They then sprinkled glitter over the glue. We used a variety of colors to give it a firework effect!

4th of July Flyers added 6-11-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: toilet tissue rolls, construction paper (red, white ,blue), crepe paper (red, white, blue), star stickers (red, white, blue, gold), glue sticks

Directions: Cut a piece of construction paper to fit around tissue roll, have the children glue that on. Then have them put stars one the construction papered tube. Cut crepe paper about the same length as the tube, maybe a little longer then cut in half, to make narrow strips, (length wise) and glue them at one end of the tube on the inside.  (looks like a mini windsock).  And you are done, quick and easy and the small children were able to do this with little help. Then the kids have been throwing them up in the air and watching the crepe paper streamers flutter in the air, they think it is cool.

Togetherness Flag added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Red, white and blue paint, Paintbrush, Paint Trays, Sheet of paper 2'x3'

1. On the large sheet of paper, draw lines for stripes and paint a blue square in the upper left corner.
2. Have the children fill in the bottom stripe by dipping their hands in the red paint and pressing them end to end within the lines of the stripe. Using the white paint, have them make a white stripe just above it the same way.
3. Continue until you have all 13 stripes filled with hand prints.
4. Have the children dip their fingertips in paint and make the "stars" in the blue square.

Torn paper flag added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: red, white, and blue paper, glue

Directions: Give each child one whole piece of white paper. Then give them scraps of red, white and blue paper. Show them a flag and discuss the many parts of the flag. Now using their fingers to rip the paper instead of cutting, have them create a flag. Be sure to go over the sizes they will need for the blue box, stripes, and stars.

Star Cookie Cutters added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Star shaped cookie cutters (all sizes), red and blue paint, paper

Directions: Gather a few star-shaped cookie cutters and shallow bowls of red and blue tempera paint. Allow each child to have a turn pressing the cookie cutters into the paint, then onto a piece of construction paper to make star shaped prints.

Patriotic Bead Patterning added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pipe cleaners, red, white, and blue beads (the larger the better, remember bead can be a chocking hazard.)

Directions: Gather several packages of red, white, and blue beads and pipe cleaners. Make a few example patterns with the beads on the pipe cleaners. Set the remaining beads and pipe cleaners on a table and allow the children to copy any of the patterns on their own pipe cleaners. When they are all finish you can place the pipe cleaner around the child wrist and twist the ends together. Now you have a patriotic bracelet.

Uncle Sam Hats added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown 

Need: paper, glue, sentence strip

Directions: Cut top hat shape out of white, glue two red strips to the front, put small blue band of construction paper where a hat band would be, and decorate hat band with white stars. Attach hat to sentence strip and staple shut. Place on a child's head.

Craft Stick American flag added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tongue depressors, paint, paper, glue, cotton

Directions: Have the children paint about 8 tongue depressors red. Cut a blue paper square about 1/4 the size of a sheet of white paper. Glue it in the left hand corner. When sticks are dry, glue them on the page making a red stripe, then the white paper, another red and continue on. Have the children glue cotton balls on the blue part to be stars.

Making Flags added 6-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: construction paper, cardboard tube from paper towel roll, glue, scissors, tape

Directions: Cut the shape of a flag from construction paper. Cut designs from red, white and blue paper. Stars and stripes can be used for decoration, or anything else the child wants to create. Glue the designs onto the flag. Use tape to attach the outer edge of the flag to the cardboard tube. Put on some marching music and have the kids make a parade waving their flags.

Statue of Liberty Torches added 6-10-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: newspaper, paint, red and yellow tissue paper, and glue

Directions: Use old newspapers and roll them in a large cone shape. Let the children paint the cones. When dry, stuff with red and yellow tissue paper to be the flame of the torch.

Statue of Liberty Crowns added 6-10-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: construction paper, collage materials, glue, and tape

Directions: Cut crowns from stiff paper to fit around the child's head. Let them decorate them and then with their torches do a parade.

Paper Roll Fire Cracker added 6-5-05 Original Author Unknown

Need: Toilet Paper Roll, Paint, Yarn, Paper, Rubber Bands 

Directions: Paint the toilet paper. Let dry. Cut 2 circles out of the any color paper (try to match your toilet paper roll), about 3 - 4 inches across. Decorate the circles. Poke a small hole through the center of one of your paper circles and thread a 6 inch piece of yarn through it. The long end of the yarn should be hanging on the side of the paper that is decorated. Leave about 1 inch of yarn on the side of the circle that is not decorated, and tape it down to hold it in place. Once all the pieces are dry, you will add attach the circles to the toilet paper using glue.  Allow it time to dry.


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