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Alphabet : H > Arts & Crafts

Hairy Harry added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Styrofoam cup or paper cup (recycle), scissors, construction paper, markers, glue, buttons (or cut them out of paper for young children), potting soil, rye grass seeds

1. Have the children cut eyes, ears, mouths, nose, etc. out of construction paper and glue in place on their cup. Let them also use markers to color on the cup. Let them use buttons to embellish or anything else you may have lying around.

2. Have the children fill their cups about 2/3 full of potting soil. Then plant the rye grass seeds in the soil. Place the cups in a sunny place and water regularly.

3. Hairy Harry will begin to grow "hair" in about seven days.

Hands added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Ask the children to carefully trace one of their hands and cut out the tracing. Have them write their names on the cutouts and keep them to attach to and identify artwork throughout the year.

Hand Prints added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Make hand prints with a washable ink pad

Indian Headbands added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Fold a strip of cloth and measure it on your head. Mark the length that is most comfortable for you. Attach velcro dots to the ends with a glue gun (An Adult should do this) Bands can be painted to created Indian symbols. Use a slender brush, and acrylic or poster paint.

Hearts added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Sponge paint hearts on paper

Hole Punch added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Have each child use a Hole puncher. Then have the children glue then on to a letter H.

Hats added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Make hats from paper bowls and decorate them with feathers, glitter, etc. Get pictures of different hats and have the kids had to match them with the occupation. Coloring books are a great source for different hat pictures.

Horse added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Stick horses are fun to make. Draw a horse head outline add features staple 2 sides together , stuff with newspaper and add either a empty gift wrapping roll or a paper towel one will also work Then you can do all kinds of races.

Hand Puppets added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Fill colored disposable rubber gloves with water and tie them, to make hand puppets.

More Handprints added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Do a hand print in "Salt Clay". Mix 1 1/2 cups of salt, 4 cups flour, and 1 1/2 cups water. When dough forms a ball around the spoon. Knead the dough well, adding water if it is to crumbly. Set the oven at 150 degrees Celsius and bake until hard (keep an eye on it in the oven). This when cool can be painted with paint and decorated if wanted.



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