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Alphabet : M > Arts & Crafts

Masks added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper bag, Scissors, Collage materials, and glue.

Give each child a paper bag to fit over their head. Help them to cut out openings for eyes, nose and mouth. Supply a variety of materials for them to decorate their masks.

Magic Wand added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Straws, streamers, and tape.

Take straws and any tape of streamers, ribbon etc. Decorate it any way you like, tape on the ends.

Macaroni Necklaces added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Macaroni and String

Let the children lace the macaroni on the string. Tie the ends together when they are done.

Monkeys added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

I have the Children paint yellow, purple and red and blue monkeys. Then we say this poem.

Monkey Monkey Moo

Monkey monkey moo,
Shall we buy a few
Yellow monkeys,
Purple monkeys,
Monkeys red and blue.

Be a monkey do,
Who's a monkey, who?
He's a monkey,
She's a monkey,
You're a monkey too!

Marble Art added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Cardboard box lid or shallow box, Large marble (always be careful with small objects), paint, paper

Directions: Place a piece of paper into a box lid. You can loop a small piece of tape on the back to hold it in place. Put a small glob of pain in 2 to 4 corners of the box. Have the children place the marble into the box. Then they roll the marble around the box.

Mushrooms added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown
Need: Mushrooms, paper, paint

Directions: An adult should cut mushrooms in half. Provide the children with paint in a shallow container. The children can make mushroom prints on a piece of paper.

Gold Metals  added 2-13-01 Christa of Preschool Education

Need: Gold Paint, small paper plates, red/ white/ and blue streamers

Directions: Have the children paint the paper plates gold. When they dry add a piece of streamer long enough to go around the child's neck.  Glue to the back of the plate. On the front you can write "jimmy went for the gold"  etc..

Make an M collage added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, M collage materials (macaroni, mini stickers, masking tape, marshmallows, mints, magazines, etc...)

Directions: Give each child a letter "M" cut out paper or drawn onto a piece of paper.
Supply the children with letter m collage materials. Let them glue it onto their letter "M".

Olympic Medal added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown
Submitted by: Anne J.

Need: frozen juice can lids or circles of cardboard, paper, glue, ribbon, staples, markers, glitter

Directions: Cut a circle of paper a bit smaller than the size of the juice can lid. Glue the paper securely to the center of the lid. Decorate this with markers, crayons and glitter. They can write things like their names, #1, Winner, etc. They can also draw a picture of the Olympic Rings (blue, black, red, yellow, green).

Measure a length of ribbon that will fit around the child's neck. Attach the two ends of the ribbon to the back of the medal and secure with glue and/or tape. You can also use a circle of heavy cardboard in place of a juice can lid, but the lid gives it a little more weight.

"Me" Poster added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large paper, crayons, pictures of each child, old magazines

Directions: Give each child a large sheet of paper and have them draw a picture of themselves. They can glue pictures of themselves too. Have them draw what they like, don't like, favorites, and so on. Have them cut out pictures of toys or activities from magazines that they like and add it to the poster. Title the posters All about Me or My favorite things.

Moose added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown paper, glue, marker

Directions: Make a moose headband. Cut brown paper into a strip large enough to go around the child head. Make a headband out of it. Have the children trace their hands onto brown paper. Then cut them out and ad to the head band for the antlers.

Mud  added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Mud and paper

Directions: Using the mud, draw M shapes on paper.

Mouths added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: old magazines, glue, paper.

Directions: Make a collage of mouths cut from magazines. For fun you could add some animal mouths.

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