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Alphabet : S > Arts & Crafts

Sun Pictures added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, sunlight, heavy objects

Directions: Place an object on a piece of colored construction paper and place it in the sun for several hours. The paper will fade around the object. Heavy objects work best and help to keep the paper in place on windy days.

Salty Surprise added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, watercolors, paint brushes, salt, water

Directions: Let the child paint a picture using regular watercolors. Next allow the children to shake salt on their painting while it is still wet. When the painting dries it will sparkle!! 

Sky added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Blue paper, Cotton or white chalk

Directions: Take the children outside on a partly cloudy day. Watch the sky for a while. Then return inside to make cloud pictures with white chalk or cotton on blue paper.

Silhouettes  added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: flashlight, black paper, other color paper, white crayon or pencil, scissors, glue.

Directions: Make silhouettes of each child on the wall using the flashlight. Trace the silhouette with a white crayon. Cut it out and mount on colored paper. This makes a nice gift for a holiday.

"S" with stickers  added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: a "S" cut out of black construction paper, labeled star stickers 

Directions: Have child decorate their "S" with star stickers. 

Scribble Art  added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: crayons and paper

Directions: Have the children scribble on a piece of paper with black crayon. Then have the children use other colors to color in the sections between the scribbled lines. They will be surprised at the colorful picture they end up with. 

Straw Painting  added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: straws, paint, paper

Directions: For each child place a small drop of tempera paint in the center of a large piece of paper. Give each child a straw and have them blow (lightly) the paint around the paper to make a design.

Paper Towel Roll Snake  added 2-13-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper towel roll. scissors, paint

Directions: Start at the end of the paper towel roll & cut in a circular or spiral line like the one that is already on it. When you get to the end cut out a head shape. Now cut the tail into a tapered shape .Now the snake can be put on your arm, it will wrap around. Let the kids paint.

Spooky Spiders  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paint, egg carton, pipecleaners

Directions: Give each child an egg carton section to paint black.  Have them use
contrasting colors to paint on spots and other decorations.  When the paint
is dry, have them glue on eight paper legs or attach eight pipe cleaner legs.  
Have them think up silly S names for their spiders.

Snowstorms  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: baby food jar, paper, hole punch

Directions: Give each child a baby food jar.  Have the children paper punch holes out of white typing paper and fill the jars about one fourth full of holes.  Help each child fill the rest of the jar with water and put the lid on tightly.   When the children shake the jar ....a snowstorm!

Snails  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: macaroni shell, cardboard, markers, paper, glue

Directions: Have each child make a snail by embedding a large macaroni shell into a piece of clay.  Have the children set the snails on pieces of heavy cardboard and color the snails "land" with markers.  Glue on paper eyes and features. 

S Scrapbooks  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: magazine, paper, hole punch, yarn, glue

Directions: Have the children cut out pictures of things beginning with the letter S and
glue them onto pieces of paper.  Let the children put the pages together and
add a cover for a scrapbook.  Show them how to punch holes and tie the pages together with yarn.

Scissors added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, scissors, magazines

Directions: Let the children use scissors during S week for special cutting projects.  
Have them cut S's, things that begin with the letter S, or S shaped pictures and designs.

Letter S added 1-24-06 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large S pattern

Directions:  Using the large S pattern, cut out S shapes for your children using heavy paper. Let them decorate their S's with one of the ideas below. 
Star, snowflake, snowman or starfish stickers  
Silver paint 
Small sticks

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