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Alphabet : Z > Arts & Crafts

ZigZag added 4-13-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: rickrack, paper, scissors, and glue

Directions: Purchase different colors and sizes of rickrack.  Point out how rickrack
makes a zigzag pattern.  Give each child a piece of rickrack to cut into different size pieces.  Have the children make a random collage or have them make a large letter Z by arrange the zigzag pieces and glue them on the Z.

Zippers added 5-12-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: old zippers, paper, and glue

Directions: Take old zippers and tear them apart so that the teeth are apart.  Then
glue them onto paper in any shape you desire.

Zippers added 5-12-02 By: (c) Christa of Preschool Education

Need: old zippers, paper, and paint

Directions: Take old zippers and tear them apart so that the teeth are apart.  Then
run the zipper through some paint, then across your paper.

Letter Z Zebra Stripes added 5-12-02
By: (c) Christa of Preschool Education

Need: paint, marble, box lid, paper, scissors, and tape

Directions: Take a piece of white paper and place it in the center of  box lid. Then Cut a letter "Z" out of tag board. Tape the letter z to the paper in the box lid. Use a piece of rolled tape under the "Z". Then put black paint in all 4 corners of the box. Add a large marble (remember to watch the children, marbles can be a choking hazard.) to the box. Let the children tilt the box to roll the marble through the paint and across their paper. Stop when you have the desired number of lines. Pull the paper out of the box, and remove the tape on "Z".

Catching Some Zz's added 4-27-04 Submitted By: Jenny Gonsoulin

Need: paper, digital camera and printer, glue, fabric

Directions: Using a digital camera, take a picture of each student lying down on a table.  Provide each student with two long construction paper rectangles (these will be the Head and Foot boards) and a piece of material (for the beds cover).  Have the students make their Bed. Then glue their picture on the top of the bed.  To finish this project have the children draw Zz's coming from their mouth.  The students really enjoy this project because the choose all kinds of positions to sleep.

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