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Calendar : 2003 > April

Monthly Events:
National Garden Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Month of the Young Child
National Humor Month
Math Education Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
International Guitar Month
National Frog Month
National Poetry Month
Stress Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month
National Welding Month
Cancer Control Month
Alcohol Awareness Month 
Counseling Awareness Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Women's Eye Health and Safety Month 
Youth Sports Safety Month 
Sports Eye Safety Month 
Straw Hat Month 
World Habitat Awareness Month 
Zam! Zoo and Aquarium Month 
National Woodworking Month
National Anxiety Month 
Holocaust Remembrance Month 
Occupational Therapy Month 
Sexual Assault Awareness Month 

Weekly Events:
Week of the Young Child - First Full Week (6-12)
Astronomy Week - First Week
National Public Health Week - First Week
National Gardening Week - Second Week
Building Safety Week - Second Week
Reading is Fun week - Second Week
National Library week - Second Week
National Science & Technology Week - Third week
Organize your files - Third Week
Explore Your Career Week - Third week
National Secretary week - Third week
Jewish Heritage Week - Fourth Week

National Volunteer week - Fourth week
National TV-Turnoff Week - Fourth Week
Reading is Fun Week - Fourth Week
National Playground Safety Week
- Fourth Week

Daily Events:
1- April Fool's Day
1- One Cent Day
2- Hans Christian Anderson's Birthday
2- International Children's Book Day
2- National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day
3- National Chocolate Moose Day
3- Find a Rainbow Day
3- Don't go to Work unless it's fun Day
4- Walk Around Things Day
4- School Librarian's Day
4- Student Government Day
5- Fun at Work Day
5- National Read a Road Map Day
5- Dandelion day
6- Jump Over things Day
6- Daylight Savings Time Begins
6- North Pole Discovered 1898
7- World Health Day
7- No House work Day
8- Astronomy Day
8- Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
9- Listening Day
9- First Public Library Opened in 1833
9- Name Yourself Day
9-  Winston Churchill Day 
10- Encourage a Young Writer Day
10- National Sibling Day
10- Golfers Day
10- Salvation Army Founders Day
11- Eight Track Tape Day
11- Jackie Robinson Day (in 1947 Jackie Robinson became the first African American in major-league baseball.)
11- Barbershop Quartet Day
12- Big Wild Day
12- Look Up at the Sky Day
12- Space Shuttle Columbia First Launched 1981
12- Reach as High as You Can Day
13- Blame Someone Else Day
13- Thomas Jefferson's Birthday 1743
13- Scrabble Day
13- National D.A.R.E. Day
13- Palm Sunday
14- National Pecan Day
14- Titanic Struck an Iceberg
15- Rubber Eraser Day
15- First Mc Donald's Opens in Des Plaines, IL 1955
15- Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday
15- Tax Day
16- National Eggs Benedict Day
16- Passover Begins at sun down.
16- National Stress Awareness Day
17- Sherlock Hemlock's Birthday (Sesame Street)
17- National Cheese Ball Day
17- Daffy Duck's Birthday
18- Pet Owner's Day
18- First Laundromat Opens Fort Worth TX 1934
18- Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906
18- National Animal Cracker Day
18- Paul Revere Day
18- International Jugglers Day
18- Good Friday
19- Patriot's Day
19- Humorous Day
19- Revolutionary War Began 1775
19- Garlic Day
20- Cuckoo Day
20- Look Alike Day
20- Make A Quilt Day
20- Easter Sunday
20- Holocaust Remembrance Day
20- National Pineapples Upside Down Cake Day
20- Volunteer Recognition Day
21- Kindergarten Day The First Kindergarten was founded by Friedrich Froebel in      
                 Germany in 1837
21- Rosita's B'day (Sesame Street)
22- Earth Day
22- Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day
22- National Jelly Bean Day  
23- William Shakespeare's Birthday -Born in 1564. 
23- Home Run Day Hank Aaron Hits His First Home Run.
23- Shirley Temple's Birthday
23- Picnic Day
23- Fire Drill Day
23- International Sing Out Day
23- Read Me Day
23- Admin. Professionals Day (Secretary's Day) The 4th Wednesday of April.
24- Pigs-in-a-blanket Day 
24- Natasha's B'day (Sesame Street)
24- Take your Daughter to Work Day (Last Thurs in April)
25- National Zucchini Bread Day
25- National Telephone Day
25- National Arbor Day (Usually the last Friday of April)
26- National Pretzel day
26- National Static Cling Day
26- Hug a Friend Day
26- Hug an Australian Day
27- Walter Lantz's Birthday Creator of Woody Woodpecker
27- Tell a story Day
27- Childcare Professionals Day
27- Playground Safety Day
28- Kiss your mate day
28- Poetry Reading Day
29- National Shrimp Scampi Day
29- Zipper Day patented 1913
30- Hairstyle Appreciation Day
30- National Honesty Day
30- National Oatmeal cookie day
30- Raisin Day

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