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Calendar : 2005 > January

Monthly Events:
National Eye Health Care Month
National Hobby Month
National Soup Month
National Staying Healthy Month
National Thank You Month
National Book Month
Oatmeal Month
Hot Tea Month
Human Resource Month
March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month
Prune Breakfast Month
Volunteer Blood Donor Month
Bald Eagle Watch Month
Bread Machine Baking Month
Celebration of Life Month
Fat Free Living Month
Get Over It Month
It's OK to be Different Month
Love Yourself Month
Clean Up Your Computer Month
Mail Order Gardening Month
Personal Self-Defense Month
Poverty in America Month
Reaching Your Potential Month
Yours, Mine & Ours Month
National Stamp C
ollectors Month
International Printing Month
Autism Awareness Month
National High-Tech
International Creativity Month
Celebrate the Past Month
Clinical Trial Awareness Month
Coffee Gourmet International Month
Bath Safety Month
Crime Stoppers Month
Hobby Month
National Letter Writing Month
Blended Family Month
National Candy Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Polka Month

Weekly Events:
Celebration of Life Week- Week One
Law Enforcement Training Week (Always the first full week of the year)- Week One
Lose Weight, Feel Great Week - Week One
Universal Letter Writing Week- Week Two
National Thank-Your-Customers Week- Week Two
School Crossing Guard Week- Week Two
"Someday We'll Laugh About This" Week
- Week Two
Special Education Week- Week Three
Cuckoo Dancing Week- Week Three
National Fresh Squeeze Juice Days- Week Three 

Healthy Weight Week- Week Three 
National Glaucoma Week- Week Four   
Catholic Schools Week (26 thru Feb.1)- Week Four
National Meat Week- Week Four
Kiss A Shark Week -Week Four (Please don't really kiss a shark.)
Hot Air Balloon Week - Week Four

Daily Events:

1- New Year's Day
1- Betsy Ross's Birthday Born in 1752.
1- Z Day Let anyone whose name starts with a Z go first!
1- Paul Revere's Birthday Born in 1735.
1- Baby Boom Birthday (officialy began, 1946) 
1- Ellis Island Birthday
1- Far Side Cartoon Birthday
1- History Channel Birthday (1995)
1- Credence Clearwater Revival's Birthday (1968)
1- U.S. Bowling Day ( 1840 First Bowling Match)
2- Boo Boo Bear's Birthday (Yogi Bear's Friend)
2- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Day (recorded in 1941)
2- National Science Fiction Day
2- Night Vision Birthday (1936)
2- Swiss Cheese Day
3- Brooklyn Bridge Birthday (1870 Work Began on the bridge)
3- Festival Of Sleep Day
3- J.R.R. Tolkien's Birthday Born in 1892.
3- Drinking Straw Patented (1888)
3- Women Rock! Day 1987, Aretha Franklin became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
4- Appendectomy Day (1885 First Appendectomy preformed)
4- Birthday of the Blender in 1910
4- Trivia Day
4- Louis Braille's Birthday Born in 1809.
4- Jakob Grimm's Birthday Born in 1785.
4- Isaac Newton's Birthday
4- Heckle & Jeckle Birthday (1946)
4- Roller Skates Birthday (1863)
5- Bozo the Clown's Birthday (1959)
5- Chrysler Birthday (1924)
5- National Bird Day
5- First Woman Governor Inaugurated 1925 inauguration of Nellie Ross as Wyoming's
5- Twelfth Night
5- FM Radio Birthday (1940)
6- Sherlock Holme's Birthday
6- Bean Day
6- Epiphany
6- National Smith Day
6- Pepe Le Pew's Birthday
6- Schoolhouse Rock Birthday (1973)
7- Blizzard of '96 (East Coast Of US)
7- Flash Gordon's Birthday (1934)
7- Buck Rogers's Birthday (1929)
7- Old Rock Day
7- I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day
7- Organize your home day
8- Bubble Bath Day
8- Elvis Presley's Birthday Born in 1935.
8- National Show and Tell Day at Work
8- Milk Carton Birthday (1929)
9- National Rape Survivor Day
9- Aviation in America Day
10- Jeep Grand Cherokee Birthday (1992)
10- First Meeting of United Nations in London in 1946.
10- Peculiar People Day
10- Where's the Beef Day (Anniversary of the first time Wendy's Restaurant's commercial aired in 1984 with Clara Peller asking "Where's The Beef?"
11- International Thank You Day
11- Milk Day Milk delivered in bottles for the first time in 1878.
11- Secret Pal Day
11- Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend's Day
11- Rhubarb Day (1770, John Bartram of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received the first shipment of rhubarb sent to the United States)
 12- National Pharmacist Day
12- John Hancock's Birthday (National Handwriting Day)
12- Batman TV Day (1966)
13- Rubber Duckie's Birthday Sesame Street Character.
13- Make Your Dreams Come True Day
13- Blame Somebody Else
14- Caesarean Section Birthday (1794 First Seccussful)
14- Bald Eagle Appreciation Days
14- National Clean off your Desk Day
14- National Dress Up Your Pet Day
15- Learn to Ski Day (Observed the third Saturday in January)
15- National Humanitarian Day
15- National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day
15- Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
15- Elementary School Teacher Day
16- National Nothing Day
16- National Religious Freedom Day

16- International
Hot & Spicy Food Day
16- Hat Day Third Friday in January.
16- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday Born in 1929. It is observed on the Third
 Monday in January
17- Shari Lewis' Birthday Born in 1934.
17- Ben Franklin's Birthday Born in
17- Popeye's Birthday (1929)

18- Maintenance Day
18- Winnie The Pooh Day (A.A. Milne's Birthday) Born in 1882.
19- Little Ricky's Birthday (1953, Lucille Ball gave birth to Little Ricky on her "I Love Lucy" TV show)
19- National Penguin Awareness Day
19- International Sing-Out Day
19- New Friends Day, Make a new friend Today.
20- Cheese Day
20- National Buttercrunch Day
20- Inauguration Day
21- Squirrel Appreciation Day
21- National Hugging Day
22- National Blonde Brownie Day
22- Celebration of Life Day
22- National Polka Dot Day
23- Spouse's Day
23- Measure Your Feet Day
23- Pie Day
23- Compliment Day
24- "Just Do It" Day
24- Eskimo Pie Patented By Christian Nelson in 1919.
24- Gold Discovered in California At Sutter's Mill in 1848.
24- Women's Healthy Weight Day
25- National Opposite Day
25- Fluoride Day
25- 101 Dalmatian's Birthday 1961
25- Fun At Work Day
26- National School Nurse Day (Fourth Wednesday of January since 1977)
26- Television's Birthday 1926
26- Rocky Mountain National Park Birthday 1915
26- Disneyland Groundbreaking Ceremony 1954
26- National Peanut Brittle Day
26- Spouse Day
26- Sydney, Australia Settled In 1778.
27- Mozart's Birthday 1756
27- Mad Tea Party Day (Lewis Carroll author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's Birthday)
27- Clashing Clothes Day (observed the fourth Thursday in January)
27- Lewis Carroll's Birthday Born in 1832.
27- National Activity Professionals Day
27- National Toilet Day
28- National Blueberry Pancake Day
28- Daisy Day
28- Pop Art Day 
28- Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
28- Ernie's Birthday Sesame Street Character.
28- National Kazoo Day

Christa McAuliffe Day, Challenger exploded January 28, 1986
29- Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday 1929
29- National Corn Chip Day
29- Carnation Day
29- National Puzzle Day

30- Snagglepuss's Birthday 1960
30- Yodel for Your Neighbors Day
30- Yakky Doodle's Birthday 1960
30- KISS Birthday 1973
30- Franklin D. Roosevelt's Birthday Born in 1882.
30- National Inane Answering Message Day
31- Eat Brussel Sprouts Day
31- Green Hornet's Birthday 1936
31- Backwards Day
31- Child Labor Day
31- Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
31- Jackie Robinson's Birthday Born in 1919.

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