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Calendar : 2002 > July

Monthly Events:
National Baked Bean Month
National Picnic Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Blueberry Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Anti Boredom Month
National Recreation and Park Month
National Tennis Month
Read a Almanac Month
National Purposeful Parenting Month
National Outdoor Month
National Bison Month
California Salmon Month
National Mobility Month
Tahiti and Her Islands
Awareness Month
Eye Exam Month
Fireworks Safety Month
July Belongs To Berries Month

Weekly Events:
Freedom Week- First Week  
Great Circus Parade Week- First
Take Charge of Change Week- First
National Canned Luncheon Meat Week- First Week  
Be Nice to Jersey Week- First Week 
Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness Week- First Week 
Music for Life Week- Second Week
National Therapeutic Recreation Week- Second Week
National Laundry Workers' Week- Second Week
Take Charge of Change Week
- Second Week
Coral Reef Awareness Week- Third Week
Lyme Disease Awareness Week- Third Week
Space Week-
Third Week
Equal parent's week - Fourth week

Daily Events:
1- Princess Diana's Birthday
1- US First Zoo (1874)
1- US Stamp Anniversary
1- Guy Smiley's Birthday (Sesame Street)
1- Canada Day
1- International Joke Day
1- Build a Scarecrow Day
1- National Postal Workers Day
1- Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
1- National Financial Freedom Day
1- National Frozen Yogurt Day
1- National Financial Freedom Day
1- Popeye Birthday
2- Halfway Point of the Year
2- I Forgot Day
3- First Bank in the US (1791)
3- Idaho Becomes a State (1890)
3- Compliment your mirror Day
3- Dog Days Begin
3- Stay out of the sun day
3- American Redneck Day
4- Independence Day
4- National Country Music Day
4- First Bus Built in 1829
4- Tom Sawyers Fence Painting Day
4- Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
4- Family Day
5- Caribbean Day
5- Workaholics Day
6- First Talking Motion Picture (premiered in NY 1928)
6- National Fried Chicken Day
First Picture Postcard Made
7- Macaroni day
7- Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day
7- National Strawberry Sundae Day
8- Barn Day- Second Sunday In July
8- Liberty Bell Cracks (Cracks while being rung at funeral of John Marshall in 1835)
8- Video Games Day
8- Don't Put All Your Eggs in one Omelets Day
9- National Sugar Cookie Day
9- National Air Conditioning Appreciation Day 
9- Intern Appreciation Day
9- Recreation Day
9- Baseball ALL-STAR Game (Always the second Tuesday)
10- Teddy Bear's Picnic Day
10- Christa's Birthday (Creator of Preschool Education Webpage. HE HE!  just had to add that.)
10- Wyoming Becomes a State (1890)
10- Don't Step on a Bee Day
10- Stone House Day
11- Cheer up the Lonely Day
11- All American Pet Photo Day
12- Swimming Pool Day
12- Paper Bag Day (The paper bag manufacturing machine was patented.)
12- National Pecan Pie Day
12- International Criers Day
12- National Blueberry Muffin Day
13- Go West Day
13- National French Fries Day
13- Fool's Paradise Day
14- Comedy Celebration Day
15- Forgetful Jones' Birthday (Sesame Street)
15- National Tapioca Pudding Day
15- Respect Canada Day
16- In 1606, famous artist Rembrandt was born
16- International Juggling Day
17- Disneyland Opens (In 1955)
17- National Peach Ice Cream Day
17- POW-MIA Recognition Day
17- Wrong Way Day
18- Cow Appreciation Day
18- National Ice Cream Day
18- National Caviar Day
18- Railroad Day
19- Stick Out Your Tongue Day
19- Major league baseball's first triple play happened on this day in 1909.
20- Moon Day (Armstrong and Aldrin land on moon in 1969)
20- Chess Day

20- Ice Cream Soda Day
20- Ugly Truck Contest Day
20- National Lollipop Day
21- National Junk Food Day

21- First Man on the Moon
21- National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day
21- National Creme Brulee Day
22- Pied Piper of Hamelin Day
22- International Childbirth Education awareness day
23- Ice Cream Cone Introduced (In St. Louis MO in 1904)
23- National Day (Egypt)
23- Mosquito Day
23- National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
23- Hot Enough For Ya Day
24- Marvin The Martian's B'day
24- Cousins Day
24- Pioneer Day
24- Amelia Earhart Day
24- Cousin's Day
25- National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
25- Thread The Neddle Day
26- National Coffee Milkshake Day
26- Bert's Birthday (Sesame Street)
26- New York becomes a State (1788)
26- All or Nothing Day
26- Aunt and Uncle Day
26- The U.S. Postal Service began on this day in 1775.
27- Bugs Bunny's Birthday
27- Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day
28- Beatrix Potter's Birthday-Born in 1866.
28- First Finger Print Taken
28- Parent's Day (Last Sunday in July)
28- National Milk Chocolate Day
28- Accountants Day
29- National Lasagna Day
30- Comedy Day
30- National Cheesecake Day
31- National Raspberry Cake Day

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