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Calendar : 2002 > June

Monthly Events:
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
National Tennis Month
Zoo and Aquarium Month
National Adopt a Cat Month
National Rose Month
National Drive Safe Month
National Iced Tea Month
National Safety Month
Turkey Lovers Month
National Dairy Month
National Beef Steak Month
National Frozen Yogurt Month
National Papaya Month
National Candy Month
Happy Women Month
International People Skills Month
American Rivers Month
National Accordion Awareness Month
National Pest Control Month
National Flag Month
Cancer from the Sun Month
Seafood Month
National Burglary Prevention Month
Cancer Awareness Month
Recycling Month
Own Your Share of America Month
National Patriots Month
National Hernia Awareness Month
Vision Research Month

Weekly Events:
Healthcare Executives Appreciation Day - First Week
International Volunteer Week - First Week
Step Parents' Week - First Week
National Safe Boating week - First week
National Headache Awareness Week - First Week
National Hug Holiday Week - First Week
National Fishing Week - First Week

National Family Week - First Week
America the Beautiful Week  - First Week
National Fragrance Week  - First Week
Brain Tumor Awareness Week  - First Week
Teacher "Thank You" Week - First Week
North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
- First Week
National Headache Awareness Week
- First Week
National Clay week - Second week
National Flag week - Second week
Nursing Assistants Week - Second week 
Graffiti Week  - Second week
National Fraternal Week (ends Flag Day)  - Second week
National Therapeutic Recreation Week  - Second week
National Little League Baseball Week - Third Week
National Tennis Week - Third Week
National Forgiveness Week - Third week
Take Your Pet to Work Week - Third week
Men's Health Week - Third week 
National Fink Week - Third week 
Hug Holiday Week - Third week 
National Physical Therapy Week - Third week 
Amateur Radio Week - Third week 
National Grasslands Week - Third week
Deaf and Blindness Awareness Week - Fourth Week
National Camping Week - Fourth Week
Assistant Principals week - Fourth Week
Eye Safety Awareness Week- (June 27 through July 5)

Daily Events:

1- Dare Day
1- Donut Day
1- Oscar The Grouch's Birthday (Sesame Street)
1- Queen Elizabeth's Birthday
1- Stand For Children Day
1- Marilyn Monroe's Birthday 
2- National Rocky Road Day
2- Radio Patented in 1896
2- Dinosaur Day
2- American Indian Citizenship Day
2- National Frozen Yogurt Day
3- Jefferson Davis Day
3- Repeat Day
3- Teacher's Day (Always the first Monday in June)
3- National Cancer Survivors Day
3- Egg Day
4- Old Maid's Day
4- Cheese Day
5- First Hot Air Balloon Flight 1783
5- National Gingerbread Day
5- World Environment Day
5- Richard Scarry Day
5- National Attitude Day
6- Couple Appreciation Day
6- First Drive in Movie 1933
6- National Applesauce Cake Day
6- National Family Day
6- Career Nurse Assistants Day
7- National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
7- Freedom of the Press day
7- The Amazing Mumford's Birthday (Sesame Street)
8- Watch Day
8- Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday
9- Donald Duck's Birthday 1934
9- Best Friends Day
9- National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
10- National Yo-Yo Day
Race Unity Day - Second Sunday in June
10- Judy Garland's Birth Anniversary
10- Alcoholics Anonymous: Founding Anniversary
11- National Hug Holiday
12- The Baseball was invented 1839
12- Machine Day
12- Magic Day
13- Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's B'day
13- Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day
14- Family History Day
14- Caldecott Metal First Awarded
14- Flag Day
14- "Pop Goes the Weasel" Day
14- Sandpaper Invented Invented by I. Fischer Jr. in 1834
14- Anniversary of the Creation of the United States Army
15- Go Fly a Kite Day
15- Ben Franklin's Kite Experiment 1752
15- Power of a Smile Day
16- National Fudge Day
16- Father's Day
16- National Hollerin' Contest Day
17- Disneyland Opened in 1955
17- Eat Your Vegetables Day
18- International Picnic Day
18- National Splurge Day
19- Tasmanian Devil's Birthday
19- Garfield's Birthday
19- Juneteenth
20- Bald Eagle Day
20- World Juggling Day
20- Ice Cream Soda Day
20- National Juggling Day
21- Summer Begins
22- National Chocolate Eclair Day
22- Take your Dog to Work Day
23- Typewriter Patented in 1868
23- Mid-Summers Eve
23- National Pink Day
23- National Columnist's Day
24- National Forgiveness Day
24- America's Kids Day
24- U.F.O. Day
24- Museum Comes To Life Day
25- LEON Day - LEON is NOEL spelled backwards. It means six months until Christmas.

25- Eric Carle's Birthday Author
25- Log Cabin Day
26- Maria's Birthday (Sesame Street)
26- Toothbrush invented 1498
26- Bicycle Patented In 1819
26- National Chocolate Pudding Day
27- Captain Kangaroo's B'day  (Bob Keeshan)
27- Helen Keller's Birthday
27- Special Recreation for Disabled Day
27- Melody for the Song "Happy Birthday" written 1859
27- National Orange Blossom Day
27- National Columnists Day
28- Paul Bunyan Day
28- Let It Go Day (whatever has been bothering your, let it go!)
28- World War 1 Commemoration
29- Camera Day
30- Superman's Birthday

30- Meteor Day


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