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Calendar : 2001 > November

Monthly Events:

American Heritage Month
Aviation Month
Child Safety and Protection Month
Drum Month
Good Nutrition Month
Hunger Awareness Month
Latin American Month
National American Indian Heritage Month
National Diabetes Awareness Month
National Epilepsy Month
National Red Ribbon Month
Peanut Butter Lover's Month
National Adoption Month 
National Model Railroad Month
National Stamp Collecting
National Georgia Pecan Month
Family Stories Month
Lung Cancer Awareness Month
National Alzheimer's Disease Month
National Family Caregiver Month
National Healthy Skin Month
National Hospice Month
National Marrow Awareness Month
National Family Literacy Month
National Sleep Comfort Month

Weekly Events:

National Chemistry Week - Week One
Kids Goals Education Week - Week One
Notary Public Week - Week One
Pursuit of Happiness Week - Week One
National Split Pea Soup Week - Week One
National Health Information Week - Week One
Random Acts of Kindness Week - Week Two
National Farm Week - Week Two
American Education Week - Week Two
National Children's Book Week - Week Two
National Game and Puzzle Week - Week Three
National Bible Week - Week Three
National Adoption Week - Third Week
Travelers with Disabilities Awareness Week- Week Four

Daily Events:

1- National Men Make Dinner Day
1- National Author's Day
Electric Light bulb Patented - Thomas Edison in 1879.
1- World Community Day
1- All Saints Day
1. National Family Literacy Day
2- Cookie Monster's Birthday
2- Daniel Boone's Birthday
2- National Deviled Egg Day
3- Sandwich Day
3- Housewife's Day
3- Sadie Hawkins Day
3- Housewife Day
4- First Wagon Train reached California
4- National Candy Month
5- National Donut day
Guy Fawkes Day- Also called Bonfire Night.
6- Basketball Day
6- Election Day The first Tuesday after the first Monday.
6- Saxophone Day
6- Halfway Point of Autumn 
7- Notary Public Day
7- Magazine Day
7- Hug-a-bear Day
8- X-ray Day (day X-ray was discovered.)
9- Parade Day
10- Sesame Street Debuted 1969
10- Forget-Me-Not Day
11- Remembrance Day (Canada)
11- Veteran's Day
11- Air Day
13- World Kindness Day
13- National Mom's and Dad's Day
13- National Community Education Day
14- National Educational Support Personnel Day
14- National Young Reader's Day
14- National Clean out your Refrigerator Day
14- National American Teddy Bear Day
15- America Recycles Day
15- Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day
15- Great American Smoke Out
16- Ramadan Begins
16- Button Day
17- World Peace Day
17- Homemade Bread Day
17- Take a Hike Day
17- National Farm Joke Day
18- William Tell Day
18- Mickey Mouse's Birthday (1928)
19- Gettysburg Address Delivered (1863)
19- Have a Bad Day, Day
20- Name Your PC Day
20- Universal Children's Day
21- Tweety Bird's Birthday
21- World Hello Day
22- Stop the Violence Day
22- Start your own country day
22- Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
23- National Cashew Day
24- What Do You Love About America Day
25- National Parfait Day
26- National Cake Day
26- Charles Schulz's Birthday (1922)
27- Pins and Needles Day
28- Mark Twain's Birthday (1835)
29- Square Dance Day
29- Electronic Greetings Day
29- King Tut's Tomb Opened (1922)
30- Stay at home because you're well day

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