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Alphabet : B > Science

Grow Beans added 2-27-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Lima bean, cotton, string, Clear film container, and water.

Tie a string around the clear film container. Big enough to make a necklace. The wet some cotton and put it in the container. Place the lima bean on top then put some more wet cotton on top. Close it up. Let the children wear there bean. In a few days the bean should start to separate. Make sure you keep it moist.

Balance added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Challenge the children to try walking with a book or beanbag balanced on their heads. Ask the children to stand with one foot lifted up off the ground. Then have
them close their eyes. Discuss what happens! Tape a long strip of wide tape down the middle of a hallway floor. Challenge the children to walk along the tape line. See who can walk the farthest without stepping off the tape.

Bathroom added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Invite the children to bring their favorite bathtub toy - fill a large tub with water and let the children float their toys or cut a large sheet of blue butcher paper to place on the floor.

Bread taste test added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Get several different types of bread - have the children sample each kind - discuss how they taste alike or different.

Brown added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Give the children small dabs of red, yellow and blue or orange and black fingerpaint - have them mix them with their fingers - makes brown - have the children write B's in the paint.


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