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Science & Sensory: Seasons > Summer

Ocean in a bottle! added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: 1 empty plastic coke bottle, blue food coloring, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil per bottle, small plastic fish or oceans creatures

Fill the empty bottle about 2/3 full of water. Add blue food coloring till you like the color. Add the oil and the sea creatures. Put lid on bottle, and seal (I use a glue gun) When the children tilt the bottle, it looks like ocean waves.

Water added 3-28-99 Original Author Unknown

Compare salt water to regular water... have examples of each.

Sand Comparison added 3-28-99 Original Author Unknown

Bring in sand box sand. Bring in beach sand. Let the students play with the different types of sands. Compare the texture, color, smell, other objects mixed in with it, etc.

Sand Comb added 3-28-99 Original Author Unknown

Cut a rectangle out of heavy cardboard. Cut notches along one of the long sides of the shape with a craft knife. Show your child how to use the notched side of the rectangle to "comb" patterns in sand. You can experiment with different shapes.

Fish in the Bottle added 3-28-99 Original Author Unknown

Fill a 2-liter plastic soft-drink bottle 1/4 full with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring. Blow up three small balloons, release most of the air and tie the ends closed. Push the balloons into the bottle. Put glue around the rim of the bottle and
screw the cap tightly. Let your child gold the bottle on its side and gently rock it back and forth to make the "fish" swim.

Bubble Pool added 7-1-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: Small Backyard Kids Pool Water Mr Bubble (Bubble Soap) Bubble Toys

Directions: Add bubble soap to empty kids pool. Fill with water. Add various bubble toys like empty bottles, straws, hoops, string, etc. Creates a BUBBLE wonderland,
right in the back yard.

Frozen Toys added 6-15-04 Original Author Unknown

In an ice cube tray freeze some small toys ( for smaller children use small plastic  containers to freeze larger toys in so that the toys are not small enough to choke on.) Put your frozen toys in the sensory table filled with warm water, they children will love to feel the difference between warm and cold and try to discover why they cannot pick up the frozen toys. You can even freeze some plain ice cubes with food coloring in it. The color will trail off of the melting ice cube.


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