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My Body Arts & Crafts

Paper Plate Meals added 9-1-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Old magazines, scissors, glue, paper plates

Directions: Magazines for the children to cut food pictures from the food groups should be provided. The pictures can be pasted on a paper plate to represent a balanced meal.

Handy Book added 9-1-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, scissors, paint, markers or crayons

Directions: On a piece of folded construction paper trace a child’s hand. Cut out the hand, leaving the fold uncut. You end up with a hand-shaped booklet that will open up. Place small amounts of paint in shallow containers. Let the children decorate their hand books by doting their thumb or fingers with paint making thumb prints or finger prints. Print each child’s name on the outside of the book.

Body Tracing added 9-1-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: A child, Large bulletin board paper, crayon or pencil

Have each child to lie on a large piece of paper. Trace the child’s body and let each child decorate his/her tracing.

My Body Jigsaw added 9-9-02 Original Author Unknown

Large paper, crayons, scissors

Directions: Have a child lay on large bulletin paper and trace around child. Get the child to decorate the paper body then cut into large pieces creating a life size jigsaw of themselves!

Foot SPLAT! added 9-9-02 Submitted By: Jean Potter

large plastic sheet, finger-paint, your feet

Directions: Purchase a large sheet of plastic (about 2 -4 yards, depending on the number of participating kids) in the fabric section of a discount store. Place globs of finger-paint on the plastic and fold the plastic in half. Stomp on the plastic and watch the finger-paint splatter.

More Handprints

Need: Use of an oven, salt, flour, water, bowl, spoon, cookie sheet, paint and or markers.

Directions: Do a handprint in Salt Clay. Mix 1 1/2 cups of salt, 4 cups flour, and 1 1/2 cups water. Stir the mixture till it makes a dough that forms a ball around the spoon. Knead the dough well with your hands, adding water if it is to crumbly. Give each child a hand full of clay to flatten out. Then have them press their handprint into the center of the dough. Set the oven at 300 degrees F . Place the handprinted dough onto a cookie sheet and bake their handprinted dough until hard. When the dough cools, it can be painted to decorate it, or use markers to color it.

added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown
Adapted by: Christa Of Preschool Education

Hand Puppets

Need: Colorful disposable gloves and markers

Directions: Fill colored disposable rubber gloves with water and tie them to make hand puppets. Draw a face on the hand with markers. Place them into a water table for the children to play with. Or for a less messy option fill the gloves with air and tie them.

added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown
Adapted by: Christa Of Preschool Education


Need: Paper, clear tape, markers (crayons or paint)

Directions:Fold a strip of paper and measure it around a child’s head to make sure it is long enough. Allow the children to decorate the paper strip on one side. They can use markers, paints, etc… Once they are finish and dry, wrap the headband around each child’s head and secure with tape.

added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown
Adapted by: Christa Of Preschool Education

Handprints In Paint

Need: Paint, paper, a paper plate or shallow pie pan.

Directions: Supply the children with a shallow plat or pie pan. Place a thin layer of paint. Allow the children to press there hands into the pain, then onto a piece of paper randomly to cover it with handprints. Or make the handprints into a Letter H with older children.

added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown
Adapted by: Christa Of Preschool Education

Handprint Identity

Need: Paper, pencil or markers, scissors and contact paper or laminating machine

Directions: Have the children place their hand onto a piece of paper. Help them trace and cut out the handprint. Give the children markers and have them write their names onto the palm of the hand. Protect the handprint by laminating it or covering it in contact paper. When you hang art work up on the wall, paper clip this handprint to each child’s work to help parents and others identify there work without defacing the work with a name on the front rather then the back.

added 3-5-99 Original Author Unknown
Adapted by: Christa Of Preschool Education