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*Clifford Arts & Crafts

Clifford the Big Red Dog added 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

You could paint with red paint, finger paint with red paint, paint with dog bone cookie cutters, paint with dog shaped cookie cutters, paint with a dog bone.

Clifford from a heart added 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Cut out a large, red heart; a large, narrow pink heart; two small, white hearts; and a black heart. To make Clifford, turn the red heart upside down to represent his face. Cut the pink heart in half; then attach one half to each side of the red heart to represent ears. Finally glue on the white heart eyes and the black heart nose and you have Clifford.

Big red dog added 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Paint a big red dog on Big pieces of paper.

Clifford Earsadded 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Make red dog ears and attach them to a red head band to wear.

Clifford head added 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Start with a red circle for his face. Use the children’s red handprints to make his ears (hands upside down). Then add eyes, nose and a mouth.

Large Clifford added 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Use a projector to blow up a picture of Clifford on white butcher paper. Give students strips of red construction paper to cut up and glue inside of the shape to make it red. When the shape is covered, glue on eyes and a black collar.


Yellow Book

Need: Yellow paper, yarn, hole punch, old magazines, glue, and scissors

Directions: Have each child fold a couple pieces of yellow construction paper in half to form a book. Help them punch holes along the spine of the closed book and tie yarn through the holes to make the binding of the book. Supply the children with scissors, old magazines, and glue. Have them cut out pictures from a magazine of yellow items to glue inside their books.

added 4-13-02 Original Author Unknown
Adapted by: Christa Of Preschool Education