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Heart Collages added 8-24-00 Original Author UnknownNeed: Red paper hearts, white paper, and glue
Directions: Have the children glue the red hearts onto the paper any way they want.

Red Heart Necklace added 8-24-00 Original Author UnknownNeed: Red Dough, red glue, red glitter, and yarn
Directions: Make a red heart necklace. Make and bake red dough hearts. Put a hole in it and bake or dry. Paint with red glue and sprinkle red glitter on it. Use red yarn to hang it on.

Large Apple added 8-24-00 Original Author UnknownNeed: Butcher paper, red finger paint
Directions: Cut out large apples from butcher paper and finger-paint red.

Apple Seeds added 8-24-00 Original Author UnknownNeed: Apple seeds or small black beans, glue red paper
Directions: Glue apple seeds on red construction paper apple.

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Red Valentine added 8-24-00 Original Author UnknownNeed: red collage items, large paper
Directions: Make a very large red valentine. give them red rickrack, red buttons, lace, heart stickers etc.

Red splatter painting added 8-24-00 Original Author Unknown
Need: red and white paper, tooth brushes, tongue depressor, red paint
Directions: Place red autumn leaves or arrange red construction paper leaves on sheets of white construction paper. Dip tooth brushes in red paint and give them a tongue depressor and rub across tooth brushes to splatter paint on their papers. When paper is covered remove leaves and let dry. Mount on sheets of red construction paper.

Stop Sign  added 8-24-00 Original Author Unknown
Need: red paper, crayons, scissors, tongue depressor
Directions: Make a red stop sign and put it on a tongue depressor.

Redscope added 8-24-00 Original Author Unknown
Need: Paper towel roll, red paint, red cellophane, rubber bands
Directions: Make red telescopes using paper towel rolls or toilet rolls. cover end with red cellophane and a a rubber band. have them look through and see everything red.

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