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Arts & Crafts: Just Art

Oil And Water Painting added 3-2-00 Submitted by: Jane Talmas

Need: paint, oil, water, eye droppers, two cups, and a paper.

Directions: This could an a combination of a Science and Art project. Add water in one of the cups and mixed any color of paint. In another cup add oil, and mix any different color... call it Oil paint. In each cup add eye dropper. Have the child add two drops or three of water paint on his paper which would be placed in a box, then add two or three drop of oil paint on it. Then have the child to rock the box and see how colors mix... of course, we all know that water and oil do not mix, so it would create a lovely design on the paper. Children love it in my center.

Salad Spinner Art added 5-20-01 Submitted by: C Jordan

Need: Salad Spinner, paper plate, paint

Directions: Cut paper plates to fit inside a salad spinner.  Children may squirt tempera paint onto the paper.  Put the top on the spinner and spin!

Silly Sand Art added 5-20-01 Submitted by: C Jordan

Need: flou
r, salt, water, watercolor or food color, squeeze bottles, foam plates

Mix equal parts of flour, salt and water.  Color with watercolor or food color and put into squeeze bottles such as plastic catsup/mustard bottles.  Let the children make designs onto foam plates.  Eventually these dry crystal hard if not to thick.

Rolling Pin Design added 6-26-01 Submitted by: Rala Dayal

Need: paint, paper, child size rolling pin

Directions: Recently, I gave a piece of paper to my preschoolers with different color tempera paints and a child size rolling pin.  I put dabs of colored paint on the paper, asked the children to fold it in half.  Then they used rolling pin to distribute the paint all over the folded paper.  When the paper was opened, the pyrotechnic effect of the colors and the different symmetrical designs that were produced looked fabulous.  The children tried to name the patterns on their painting.

Marble painting added 6-26-01 Submitted by: Nicole Hadlock

Need: Large marble (be careful of a choking hazard. With young child try a golf ball.) Paint, paper, cake pan

Directions: You cut out a piece of paper the size of a round cake pan.  Then you place the piece of paper in the pan. You then roll marbles in different colors of paint.  You place the paint covered marbles in the cake pan with the paper and roll the marbles around.  The kids love it. (We used this idea to make our own planets for space week.)

Note: You can also cut the circle a little smaller then the pan and put the pan in the corners of the pan. Less mess this way and the child think it is a game to try to roll there marble into the paint first then across there paper. Great Hand eye coordination for older preschool children.

Shaving cream art added 6-26-01 Submitted by: Anonymous

Need: Shaving cream, paper, powdered tempera paint

Directions: You spray the shaving cream  on table, paper, or anything else you would like then you sprinkle tempera powdered paint on it and let there hands do the rest!

Poke Art added 11-5-01 Submitted by: Cindy Jordan

Need: Play dough, collage material

Put a ball of play dough on a small paper plate.  Set out an assortment of collage items such as: Popsicle sticks, colored pasta, feathers, beads etc.  Let children poke the collage items into their play dough.  Even your non-art enthusiasts will love this one!

Brush Ideas added 5-21-02 Original Author Unknown

Directions: On a dowel rod, chopsticks, or something of that nature, attach one of the
following objects to make a paintbrush of a different kind:
Corn Husks
Rubber Band
Q tips
Fly Swatters
Feather Dusters
Silk Flowers
Basting Brush

String/Yarn Painting added 9-9-02 Submitted by: Nikki Terry

tempera paint, yarn, paper, bowl or plate

Fold sheets of paper in half then open back up, dip yarn into bowl of tempera paint, lay yarn in any direction, curve, etc onto the paper, fold the paper back in half over the yarn, pull the yarn out, now you have a unique piece of art.

Weaving added 2-10-04 Submitted by: Shanda Fitte

This activity can be done inside or outside. Put chicken wire along a fence by tacking it with small staples.  Tape the edge with duct tape to keep children from getting scratched.  Provide items for the children to weave with ribbons, string, straw, feathers, rope, etc.  This is a wonderful cognitive development activity. You can also
use an old hammock that you might pick up at a yard sale.

Dancing Musical Feet added 8-2-04 Submitted by: Wendy Marie Small

Lay a large sheet of white paper on the floor. Paint the children's feet with any color paint. Turn on the music and let the children dance on the paper. Tada! Dancing Musical Feet!

Balloon Painting added 8-2-04 Submitted by: Jessica Buchanan

Need: balloons, paper, 4 colors of paint, paper plates, 

Pour the paint on a plate, and move the plate around to have the colors swirl. Blow a balloon up just a little bit. Take the end of the balloon and stamp the balloon in the paint. Take the balloon and stamp it on the paper. It makes a really cool design.

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