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Arts & Crafts: Animals > Birds

Cheerio Bird Feeders added 3-18-98
Original Author Unknown
Submitted by: Kallie S

Need: Cheerios and Pipe cleaners.

Directions: Use pipe cleaners to "string" Cheerios. The little ones can push the pipe cleaner through easily, and they could be attached to any tree by simply bending the pipe cleaner over the branch. For the children that had longer attention spans we connect 2 or 3 pipe cleaners. Very easy and environmentally friendly. Don't Forget to remove the wire when the birds are finished snacking. Be prepared for a little snacking by children too!

Craft stick birds added 4-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: A bird outline, paint, craft sticks and glue

Directions: Use an outline of a bird. If it will be a red one, let the children paint 3 craft sticks red for the tail and 3 for the wing. They glue the "tail feathers in an upward direction (at the end of the body) and the "wing feathers" look good glued going down!

Robin's Nest project added 6-2-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Background paper (any color), Brown construction paper, Cotton balls, glue, and scissors

Directions: Cut the brown construction paper into thin strips (if you give the children a rectangular piece of paper, this is easier for them.) Overlapping strips, randomly
glue them to the paper to form the nest. Glue cotton balls in the center of the nest to represent the birds eggs. If you want colored cotton balls, shake them in a bag with powered tempera.

Birds added 6-27-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, Colored feathers, Scissors, Crayons, and Glue.

Directions: Cut the silhouette of a bird's body from construction paper. Then have the children cut kind of a banana shape from construction paper for the wings. They  glued on paper punches for eyes and colored feathers on the wings. Let the children colored the birds bodies. Then cut about a 1 inch slit in the back of the bird and a 1 inch slit in the wings and fit them together with the curve of the wings going up. Scotch taped the wings in place to make them more secure and tied a string to the back of the bird. The kids had a great time flying them around.

Birdseed Biscuits added 8-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: 2 cups biscuit baking mix, 1/2 cup cold water, 2 T marg., 2 T sesame seeds, 
2 T sunflower seeds

Directions: Preheat oven to 425F.  Form a soft dough with baking mix and water. Roll out dough to 3/4 inch thick and cut it into shapes with cookie cutters. Using a straw 
punch a hole in the top of each cookie. Melt the margarine and brush over dough. Sprinkle the seeds and nuts onto the dough and press it in firmly with a fork. Bake for 15-20 min., until light brown. When cool, thread brightly colored ribbon through the hole and hang in a tree.

Bird added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper

Directions: Make a bird from construction paper. Give each child two different circle patterns to cut out of colored paper. Glue the two circles on a half sheet of construction paper. Explain that the smaller circle is the head and the larger the body. Cut several 1x6" strips of construction paper - select four strips to make a tail for the birds. Make diamond shaped beaks. Add eyes.

Binoculars added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Toilet paper roll, stickers, markers, paint, string, and glue

Directions: With two empty toilet paper rolls per child, glue the rolls together to form binoculars. Punch holes at one end on the outside of the rolls and tie a string from one to the other so binoculars may hang around neck. Decorate with stickers,  markers, or paints. Wear on walking field trips to watch the birds!

Owl added 11-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, egg carton, feather, and paint

Directions: Cut out the shape of an owl (head & body)  Cut up an egg carton - - the individual egg holders you will want. Children glue two individual egg holders as the owl's eyes.  Children can paint all - - or if you've cut out of brown paper, let them glue on some feathers.

Rockin' Ducks added 4-8-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plate, crayons markers or paint, glue, paper

Directions: Have each child color a paper plate yellow.  Fold in half, then glue on a yellow circle (Left top side by the fold), and add an orange triangle for a beak.  Let children draw in an eye.  Trace each child's hand and cut out, then let them glue their hand on the other end of the fold.  These look really cute and the kids love to rock
them back and forth!

Bird Seed Collage added 1-27-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper towel roll, glue, hole punch, yarn, birdseed

Directions: Get the children to put glue on the outside of paper towel roll all the way around and then they can roll it, into bird seed. The teacher then can punch holes on both sides then use string or yarn to make a hanger. 

Birds of Paradise added 6-1-02 Submitted by: Maria Ramsey

Need: craft sticks, feathers, paper, scissors, glue

Directions: Tie two craft sticks together to form a lower case t. Then have the kids glue feathers on bottom and sides of t but not on top. Cut out a small diamond shapes for the beak. Glue googly eyes on top of eye color.


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