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Arts & Crafts: Camping

Easel Ideas added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Paint with leaves, sticks, flowers and rocks. Paint with colors seen in the forest such as brown, green, yellow & orange. Cut easel paper into the following shapes: tent, rabbits, chipmunks, fish.

Camping Collage added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: leaves, pebbles, twigs, pine cones, etc.

Directions: Collect leaves, pebbles, twigs, pine cones, etc. Provide glue and sturdy tagboard. Encourage the children to create a collage on the tagboard using the materials found while camping.

Tackle Box added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Egg carton, cord, paint, paper clips, styrofoam

Directions: Make two holes approximately three inches apart in the center of the lid of an egg carton. To form the handle, thread a cord through the holes and tie. Paint the box. In the box, place paper clips for hooks and S-shaped styrofoam pieces for worms.

Stars added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Juice can lid, hammer, nail, tape, flashlight

Directions: Talk about stars. Take a juice can lid. Hammer hole into it with a nail...older
kids can do it younger ones will need your help. Tape it to your flashlight. Shine it on the wall
and see the pretty stars.

Grocery Sack Backpacks added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper grocery sacks (To make one backpack, you will need two large, paper grocery bags - one inside the other), Scissors, Duct tape, Two strips of material approximately 40" (101.6 cm) long by 2" or 3" (5.08 or 7.62cm) wide (These measurements will vary depending on the size of the child. You may want shorter strips. Give yourself a little extra material to tie on the inside of the sack so it can be adjusted when needed.), Rubber band or string for opening and closing Two lightweight cardboard circles 2" or 3" (5.08 or 7.62 cm) wide (file folders work great!), Stapler for stapling circles to backpack, Tempera paint, Paintbrushes Containers for paint

Directions: Using full-size brown paper bags, place one sack inside the other. Start
cutting the back corner side of the sack down about 7" (17.78 cm). Do the same to the other back corner side. (This cut goes down about halfway.) You should have a piece which I will call a flapper that you can now crease and fold down in front of you. Now with the remaining sack, cut the three sides that are tall to the height where the flapper folds down. The sack should now look somewhat like a rectangular box with a flap. Taking the flap, staple one cardboard circle a couple of inches from the bottom, in the middle. Lifting the flap, place the other cardboard circle approximately 2 1/2" (6.35 cm) down from the middle and staple it in place. This circle is to be located in the front, middle section of your rectangular box shape. Now you can cut a heavy piece of string and tie it around the circle on the flapper, leaving a portion dangling to wrap onto the bottom circle for closure. We like using rubber bands as they do not seem to be as complicated for smaller children to use. Now you are ready to paint and decorate your backpack. Let dry. Lift the flapper and make two sets of horizontal slits in the back end of the backpack. On each side you will have one pair of slits. Each pair should be approximately 2 1/2" (6.35 cm) wide. It will depend on the scraps of material that you will be inserting into these slits as to how long you will want to make your slits. I suggest going smaller to make sure it is the right length. You can always go back and cut longer lengths if needed. Insert your material strips into the top and bottom of the vertical slits and tie when adjusted
properly to the child. You can tape the knot from your material strip to the inside of the sack with duct tape if it seems to have too much slack. Your backpack is now complete and ready to carry all those special items!

Who's Sleeping in the Tent? added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tent pattern, scissors, crayons

Directions: Trace or precut a tent pattern (use large triangle shape, with tent stakes at corners) Let children decorate their tents, then cut a slit up the middle to make the tent flaps. You can also have the children draw a picture of themselves sleeping in their sleeping bags or use a cut out for them to color as themselves (use multicultural crayons). Attach the decorated tents to the bulletin board let children tape the "picture " of themselves sleeping inside the tent flap. ( bend the flaps back so you can see inside the tent.)

Nature Wreaths added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plate, nature items, glue

Directions: Cut the center out a paper plate. Then children can add nature items that they have found outside. They can embellish their wreaths with glitter and ribbon and other odds and ends! 

Paint with sticks added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Do stampings of different nature items. Do leaf rubbings. Paint with rubber fishing worms.

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