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Arts & Crafts: Disney

101 Dalmatians added 3-21-99
Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper, big wiggly eyes, sponges, black paint

Directions: Put spots on a Dalmatian! Give each child a white piece of construction
paper. Show them how to tear tiny pieces off around the edges. When it gets down to an odd but fuzzy looking shape, let them glue BIG wiggly eyes on and then use sponges to stamp spots on their puppy.

Mickey added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, white paper, crayons

Directions: Give each child a sheet of construction paper and three circles cut out of
paper. Let them glue the 3 circles to form Mickey Mouse and then let them decorate the face.

Dumbo added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, big paper, paint

Directions: Make an elephants mask from a paper plate and big construction paper ears. Cut a hole where the trunk (in the plate) would be so kids can put their arm
through to represent the trunk.

Mickey Mouse Puppet added 3-21-99Original Author Unknown

Need: Soda can, thread, tape, a pencil, scissors, two large rubber bands, a quarter, a black crayon, red, white and black paper.

Directions: Draw around a soda can to make one circle on red paper, one circle on white paper, and two circles on black paper. Draw around a quarter to make four circles on white paper. Cut out all the circles. Draw Mickey’s face on the large white circle. Color in Mickey’s eyes and nose. Cut each rubber band in half. Tape one piece of rubber band to each small white circle. (these are Mickey’s arms and legs) Tape the two black circles to the top of Mickey’s head. (these are Mickey’s ears) Tape the ears down in back too. Tape the red circle under Mickey’s chin. (this is Mickey’s body) Tape the body down in back too. Tape a piece of thread to the back of his head. Tape Mickey’s arms and legs to the back of his body. To make Mickey dance, just move the thread up and down. Watch his arms and legs jiggle!

Paper Parrot (peter pan) added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Colored paper scraps (including green), tape (with plastic dispenser), a pencil, soda can, a black crayon, scissors.

Directions: Place the tape dispenser down on green paper. Draw around it. Cut out the shape that you drew. (this is the parrot head) Draw a line to make the beak. Draw an eye. Draw around a soda can to make a circle on colored paper. Cut out the circle. (This is the body of the parrot.) Tape the head onto the body. Cut out three strips of colored paper to make feathers. Tape the feathers on the parrot.

Rabbit’s Hole added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Poster board, markers or crayons, tongue depressor, paper cut

Directions: Trace and pre-cut Rabbit out of poster board. The children can color him with markers or crayons. Glue him on the top of a tongue depressor. Cut a slit in the bottom of a paper cup, large enough for the tongue depressor to go through. Pull the tongue depressor down so that Rabbit is in his hole. Then pop him up to look out.

Pooh added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Easel, paint, yarn

Directions: Easel paint on a large balloon shape - give choice of paint color red or yellow. After the balloon is dry, help the child staple on a length of yarn attached to a small pre-cut Pooh Bear shape. Display on bulletin board with a sky blue background.

Pooh ears added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: yellow paper

Directions: Make headbands with Pooh ears out of yellow construction paper or
poster board.

Heffulumps and Woozles added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: rainbow colored paint, paper

Directions: Don't forget "Heffulumps and Woozles". Paint rainbow colors on Elephant cut-outs!

Blustery day added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: paint, eyedroppers, paper, straws

Directions: "blustery day" blow paintings have children eye-drop blobs of paint on the paper and blow on them with straws

Tut, tut it looks like rain added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Watercolors, paper, spray bottle

Directions: "Tut, tut, it looks like rain!" water colors on rain cloud shapes which have been rained on (water sprayed from spray bottle)

Eeyore's house added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: brown yarn, paper

Directions: Eeyore's house is made of sticks. Glue brown yarn to a house shape for a house for Eeyore.

Make Owl (Winnie the Pooh) added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Owl picture, glue, feathers

Directions: Find a Picture of an owl. Cover him with glue and feathers.

Piglet Nose added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Toilet paper roll, pink paint, pink paper, yarn or elastic

Directions: Make little piglet noses from toilet paper rolls cut in half and paint them pink. The cover the hole with pink paper. Attached to the child's face with yarn or elastic.

Rabbit Ears (Winnie the Pooh) added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Heavy paper

Directions: Make rabbit ears. These can be made from a paper plate or just attach ears to a head band made of heavy paper.

Honey Pot added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: 2 Litter soda bottle, paper 0r tissue paper and glue

Directions: Cut off the top of 2 liter pop bottles, cover and decorate like "hunny pots". You can use paper or tissue paper squares and glue to cover the pot.

Winnie the Pooh added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Yellow Balloons, paper, paint pens

Directions: Make balloon Pooh's - if you can find some balloons in the right color, blow up 2 for each child, making one bigger than the other, tie them together for a head and body, then cut out arms & legs from construction paper and use paint pens or white-board markers or even stickers to add features and details.

Aladdin added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Soda bottle, glitter, water, confetti

Directions: Let the children make their own wishing bottle!!! You can use plastic soda
bottles and let the children fill them with glitter...water...confetti...Whatever. Then in circle time everyone can make a wish on their bottle!!

Aladdin Carpet added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, yarn

Directions: The kids can go on a magic carpet ride. Let them make their own magic carpet from colors of construction paper. Add yarn fringe

The Jungle Book added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Directions: You can make snakes, bears, monkeys, tigers, elephants, etc... 
See reptiles, and zoo animal art for projects.

Pinocchio added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Directions: Make your own puppets. Use any type of medium you want. A good start is paper bags.

The Little Mermaid added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: shells, paint, paper

Directions: Make Paint prints with shells.

Mickey's Sorcerer's Apprentice added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, glitter, and sticker stars

Directions: Make wizard hats. Wrap a Piece of paper into a cone shape. Decorate with glitter, and stars.



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