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Arts & Crafts: Seasons > Fall

Fall Tree added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Paint, White Construction paper, Paint brush, and Wipes.

Directions: Paint child's forearm and hand with brown tempera. Print onto construction paper. This makes the trunk and branches for a tree. Leaves can be made Dipping the child’s Fingers into green, yellow, orange, or red paint. Then Print them on the branches of the tree. You should do more yellow, orange, and red, then 
green. This way they look more autumn like.

3-D Trees added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Q-tip, Fall colored paint, Toilet paper tube, Paper plate, and scissors

Directions: Make a toilet paper tree. Cut a slit in the top of one end of the t.p. roll. Then using half a paper plate, slide it into the "trunk" making a tree. Then the children use 
Q-tips to paint leaves on the tree part. You can also paint the trunk a deeper brown.

Dried Leaf Art added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: A cut out leaf from colored paper, Dried leaves, Glue, and a Paint brush

Directions: Provide a large leaf cut from colored construction paper. Set out bowls of dried fall leaves and have the children brush glue on their leaf shapes and then sprinkle with the dried leaves.

Leaf Rubbings added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Leaves, crayons, and thin paper

Directions: Use several different leaves and MANY colors. Place a leaf on the table and cover it with the thin paper. Take a crayon and rub the paper. Do this with several leaves.

Leaf People added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Crayons, a leaf, glue, and construction paper

Directions: Each child chooses a leaf to be the "body". Glue the leaf onto construction paper and have the children add arms, legs, head, etc. with crayons.

Torn-paper Leaves added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, and glue

Directions: Provide each of the children with a "tree" outline cut from construction paper. The children tear small fall-colored "leaves" from construction paper and paste on the tree. Remember, the leaves are simply torn paper.

Cornflake Tree added 7-29-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown paint, crayon, or marker, Glue, Paint Brush, and Cornflakes

Directions: Have the children draw or paint a brown tree trunk and branches. Paint a small leaf area with glue, drop on cornflakes; paint another small area with glue and add cornflakes until the leaf area is covered.
Option: Color the cornflakes with fall colored paints.

Leaf Mobile added 9-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: fabric, heavy paper, string, small branch

Directions: Glue colorful and different fabrics to both sides of several pieces of heavy paper. Cut leaves from this. Tie a string on each leaf. Suspend the leaves from a small branch. Hang where the leaves will catch the breeze and flutter.

Nature Prints added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: nature walk objects, glue, paint

Directions: Nature Prints to create art using objects found on nature walk, giving child choice of gluing, tracing, painting or whatever idea comes to mind, the art center is open for children to use the materials they choose.

Paper Bag Scarecrow added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Small & medium brown paper bags, colored paper, markers, crayons, newspaper, tape 

Directions: Assemble body by stuffing medium brown paper bag with crumpled 
newspaper. Fold the top closed and tape it shut. Assemble head by filling small paper bag with more crumpled newspaper about 2/3 full. Twist and tape shut. Make a hole in the body to insert the twisted end of the head into. Tape into place. Cut arms and  legs out of brown paper and glue or tape to body. Make "hay" by cutting paper bags into thin strips about 2-3" long (longer for hair). Glue "hay" around neck, wrists and ankles. Also glue longer strips to head for hair. Decorate using markers or crayons 
and colored paper to create a face for
your scarecrow and patches for his clothes.

Fall Face Picture added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper, glue, leaves, markers or crayons

Directions: Cut a 41/2" circle out of white paper. Have children glue circle on construction paper. Ahead of time collect a variety of leaves. Let children glue leaves on circle for hair. Use markers or crayons to add the facial features. You can also make a leaf collage.

Leaf Shape Painting added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tempera paint in fall colors, leaf shapes in different sizes, paper, and a sponge or a brush

Directions: The children paint a leaf in fall colors. A brush or sponge may be used for painting. Display in hall or windows.

Water Leaf Prints (outside activity) added 9-30-98 
Original Author Unknown

Need:  Paintbrushes and small buckets of water

Directions: The children paint fall leaves with water, then press them on the cement. Observe the pattern the print makes. Point out and discuss the vein in the leaf. This can be done indoors by using tempera paint instead of the water. The children paint the leaves and then press them on white construction paper. 

Leaf Silhouettes added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: An empty pump spray bottle, liquid tempera paint, water, newspaper, white or 
colored paper and leaves.

Directions: You may want to do this outside when the wind is calm. If you do this inside, lay down several pieces of newspaper first. Fill the spray bottle with diluted paint (one part paint to two parts water). Use as many colors as you have spray bottles. Ask the children to chose leaves whose shape they like and arrange them on a piece of paper. If needed, help the child aim the spray bottle at the leaves to spray around them. The child can then lift the leaves off and see the silhouettes they leave behind.

Variations: Try making leaf silhouettes with water and leaves on a dry sidewalk. You could also try diluting fabric paint on an old T-shirt.

Golf Ball Leaf added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, a pan or Box lid, Paint and a golf ball

Directions: Cut a large leaf out. Put it in a pan. Use 3 colors of paint: yellow, orange, and red. Dip a golf ball in one color one at a time. Let kids move ball around the pan. 
Switch colors.

Leaf Prints added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paint, dish soap, leaves and paper,

Directions: Combine paint and a little dish soap. Then paint leaves. Press on a piece of paper. The kids love to see all the lines in the leaves.

Paper Bag Owl added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper bag, constructions paper, crayons, newspaper, and twigs

Directions: Then we made an owl out of a paper bag. You cut an upside down U in the open end of the bag to leave 2 feet. You add 2 pointed ears, a diamond mouth and two eyes. Have the children color lines for his hair and add two black claws. Stuff the bag with some newspaper. That day we went on a walk and we each looked for a twig. We used that twig to perch the owl on. Just put the twig near the bottom of the owl and staple the bag together.

Sponge Painting added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: brown paper, paint, sponges

Directions: Cut a leaf shape on brown paper (paper bags). Let the children sponge paint the leave with fall colors. These look beautiful on a tree on the wall.

Pressed Leaves added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Leaves, wax paper, crayon shavings, cloth or a towel, and an Iron (Adult only)

Directions: Have the children collect autumn leaves in various colors. They arrange the leaves on a square piece of wax paper, along with colorful crayon shavings.
Place an identical piece of wax paper over it. An adult places the square between two pieces of cloth and iron to seal the papers together.

Miniature Fall Trees added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Branches, old playdough, fall colored tissue paper, and brown paper

Directions: We used little branches, (more like twigs ), stuck them in a ball of old play dough and then glued bits of fall colored tissue on them for leaves. We wrapped the ball in a piece of brown paper and tied a label on with yarn.

Paper Plate Owl added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plates (the kind with the ridged edges), circles of orange construction paper for eyes, V-shaped pieces of orange construction paper for bills and claws, a magic marker, brown tempera paint, and glue. 

Directions: Using the magic marker, draw cutting lines on each paper plate at 10, 2, 5 and 7 O'clock, and along the inner edge of the ridges (these will be the wings). Have the children cut their plates on the lines, then have them paint the pieces of the paper plate with brown tempera paint and let dry. Staple the owl's wings to the bodies for the children (or use brads for more moveable wings). Have the children glue the eyes, beaks and claws onto their owls.

Autumn Handfuls added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown paper, yellow paper, Bingo markers

Directions: Place child's arm on sheet of brown construction paper (fingers should be spread apart). Trace arm to near elbow and hand and cut out. Glue cutout to a
sheet of yellow construction paper and let the children use colored BINGO markers to make leaves for their hand tree. (Red markers would make orange leaves, etc.) These can be used to decorate a bulletin board, or just displayed as art.

Tissue Cord Leaves added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tissue paper in fall colors, construction paper of same colors, glue, cotton swabs, scissors, pencil, leaf patterns, and yarn or string.

Directions: Using patterns, cut construction paper into leaf shapes. Set aside. Select one color of tissue paper for each leaf. Cut into strips approximately 1 inch wide. Wrap tissue paper strips tightly around a long piece of string. These strips will be cut to create veins inside leaves. Smaller children may have an easier time simply using colored yarn. Dip cotton swab into glue and outline edges of construction paper leaves. Spread glue inside outline in the natural vein patterns of real leaves. Make a thick line of glue down the center of leaf onto stem. Attach tissue paper cords to glue outlines cutting off as edge of leaf is reached. Let dry.

Corncob Printing added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Corncobs, paper towel, paint, shallow container, and paper

Directions: Wash corncobs and allow them to dry for several days. Make paint pads by placing folded paper towels in shallow containers and pouring on yellow tempera paint. Have the children first roll the corncobs on the paint pads. Then let them roll the cobs across their papers to make prints.

Variation: Use a serrated knife to cut the corncobs in half. Let the children dip the cutoff ends into the paint and press them onto their papers to make yellow corncob flowers.

Pumpkin Seed Collage added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pumpkin Seeds, glue, and paper

Directions: Wash and dry pumpkin seeds and place them in the art area with glue and paper. The children can make pumpkin seed collages.

Nut Painting added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: a Nut, box lid, paper, and paint

Directions: Use nuts like marbles for painting.

Make squirrel tracks added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Potato, paint and a paint roller

Directions: Cut a potato into paw prints. Use potato like a stamp. If you use 
the footpads you need to roll the paint on with little paint rollers.

Leaf Splatter Painting added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: A box lid, wire screen, tape, a toothbrush, leaves and paint,

Directions: Use a lid from a box that is approximately 9 by 12 inches. Cut a rectangle from top of lid leaving a 1 1/2 inch border. Invert the lid and place a wire screen over the opening. Tape the screen to the border. Arrange the leaves on a sheet of paper. Place the lid over the arrangement. Dip a toothbrush into thin tempera paint and brush across the screen. When the tempera dries, remove the leaves.

Harvest time Centerpieces added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: a small pumpkin, squash, or gourd, a Nail,  (for an Adult) greenery, leaves, and other natural items

Directions: Pumpkins, gourd, and squash make beautiful centerpieces. With a nail poke several holes in a small pumpkin, squash, or gourd for each student. Allow each youngster to select the vegetable he would like to use to create a centerpiece. Have students collect greenery, leaves, and other natural items, then insert the selected items into the holes.

Apple Tree added 10-10-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown paper, green paper, red paint

Directions: Cut out Brown trees with Green leaves and have children dip the fingers in red paint and dot apples all over the tree.

Apple Core added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown 
Submitted by: Patches Johnston

Need: A Paper plate, scissors, red paint, and watermelon seeds or small black beans

Directions: Take a paper plate and cut out both sides with jagged scissors. It will look kind of like an hour glass. Use red tempera paint and paint both ends of the plate. Then get watermelon seeds (dry them) and glue three in a triangle in the center of the paper plate. Wa la, an apple core.

Autumn Wreath added 3-8-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Sponges, paint, brown bag, paper, plate, and yarn

Directions: Have children sponge paint fall colors (red, orange, yellow) onto a brown paper bag. When dry cut out leaf shapes. Cut a circle out of the middle of a paper  plate to make a ring, paint the ring green. Glue the leaf shapes onto the ring. This is a really nice project, we punched a hole in the top when we finished and tied a piece of yarn to hang.

Another project with leaves added 11-7-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Light brown paper, and Bingo markers

Directions: Cut out a very large maple leaf on light brown construction paper. Then used orange, yellow, red, and green bingo markers to paint them. 

And Another project with leaves added 11-7-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: White, cream and beige construction paper, water color paint

Directions: Copy leaves on  white, cream and beige construction paper. Let the Children Cut them out. Now Paint them using fall color water colors. Each will look different just because they start with a different color construction paper. 

Yet Another project with leaves added 11-7-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Yellow paper, Powder paint, rain or a spray bottle

Directions: Trace and cut out a great big yellow leave. Then sprinkling them with powder paint. Red, orange, yellow, green, brown, whatever you want. The children can mix colors or use one color. I save those cake sprinkle containers and fill the bottles so just a little comes out. Then we are going to let the RAIN paint them. Oh make sure you sprinkle with the paint outside and just leave their leaves outside till blended. They turn out pretty. Then bring inside to dry. You can crumble the leaves 
up and then un-crumble them. That makes them more dense.

Squirrel added 11-7-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Squirrel pattern, brad, shredded wheat, glue, and crayons

Directions: Find a cute squirrel with an attached tail (brad) . The bigger the better. Give the kids a square of shredded wheat and let them crumble it all up to shreds (they love this part) and then they can glue this to the busy tail. or all over whatever they want. My kids can cut out the squirrel but little ones may need the squirrel already cut.

Splatter Paint Leaves added 9-17-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Leaves, paper, spray bottle, paint

Directions: Arrange one or more leaves on a sheet of construction paper. Partially fill a small spray bottle with diluted tempera paint and  spray lightly over the leaves. When the paint dries, lift the leaves to reveal the design.

Another Fall Tree added 9-17-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Fall color tissue paper, paper plate, paper tube,

Directions: Make a colorful stand up fall tree! Crumple small pieces of red, yellow, and orange art tissue paper and glue them to a large paper plate. When the glue is
dry, cut slits in one end of a toilet tissue roll (or paper towel roll cut in half.) and
insert the paper plate.

Stained Glass Leaves added 10-15-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Fall leaves, wax paper, warm Iron (adult only), paper, scissors, and glue

Directions: Gather some colorful fall leaves.  Place a few leaves in an interesting
arrangement between two pieces of waxed paper.  Lay a piece of newspaper
over the waxed paper.  Press gently with a warm iron (Adult Only).  The waxed paper melts together, sealing around the leaf.  Trim the waxed paper and glue a construction paper frame around it.  These look great in windows, so the sun can shine through.

Soft Squirrel added 11-6-01 Submitted by: Rita Neve

Need: Pattern of a squirrel, dryer lint, glue

Directions: Children glue the lint onto the squirrel for a soft gray squirrel.

Tissue Paper Leaf added 9-2-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Fall color tissue paper, heavy paper or tag board, glue, scissors

Directions: Cut a leaf pattern out of heavy paper. Then cut fall colored tissue paper into small squares. Glue the squares onto the leaf or crumple the squares into small balls and glue them onto the leaf. Hang when dry.

Pumpkin Seed Painting added 9-16-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, paint, pumpkin seeds, paper, Pringles can.

Directions: Cut a piece of paper to the height of a Pringles can. Put a small spoon full of paint inside the can. Pour in a few seeds. Then slide the paper into the can.
Put lid on can and shake well. The seeds make a cool design. If you want to do another color, wait for the paper to dry then use another can and a different color paint and do it all over again.

Paper Plate Pumpkin added 8-15-04 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, construction paper, glue

Directions: Using torn up orange construction paper and glue it to a paper plate. Use black construction paper to make the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin. Add green stem.

Pumpkin Pie added 10-15-04 Original Author Unknown

Aluminum pie plates, orange paper, glue, pumpkin spices

Directions: C
ut out from orange construction paper a circle that will fit the center of the pie plate. Next give the children glue and let them cover the paper center. Then give the children shakers filled with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, pumpkin spice. Have them really shake it onto the glue. Tap off excess and let dry. Enjoy the fragrance.

Leaf Shadow Paintings added 9-26-05 Submitted by: Kristen

Need: Construction Paper, Scotch tape, Paper Leaf cutouts, Paint brushes, Paint 

Directions: Cut out leaf shapes, enough for 2-3 per child. Scotch tape leaves to construction paper. Give each child a paint brush and paint and encourage them to paint over and around the leaf. When the paint is dry, carefully remove the leaves and the scotch tape to reveal leaf shapes.


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