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Arts & Crafts: Animals > Farm

Muddy Pigs added 8-28-98
Original Author Unknown

Need: Pink paper, shaving cream, brown paint

Directions: Copies a pig on to large pink construction, Then cut them out. Give each kid a small cup of shaving cream, added a few drops of brown paint and they mixed it up. Then painted their pink pig with 'mud'.

Popcorn Sheep added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Popcorn and glue

Directions: Draw a picture of a sheep. Pop popcorn in front of the children and have them glue it onto the sheep.

Bird Seed Collage added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Corn, bird seed, wheat, hay, flax seed, oats, barley, grains, glue, paper towel 

Directions: Get the children to put glue on the outside of paper towel roll all the way around and then they can roll it, into bird seed. The teacher then can punch holes on 
both sides then use string or yarn to make a hanger. Add corn, wheat, hay, flax seed, oats, barley, grains that farm animals eat to the art center. The children can make collages with them.

Corn Cob Painting added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paint, paper plates, manila paper, and a corncob

Directions: Put paint on paper plates. The children dip corn cob in the paint and paint designs on the manila paper. Encourage children to use the side of the cob and roll designs. Let the children dip the top of the cob in the paint and discover what designs they can make using only the top.

Thumbprint Animals added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, pink paint, red paint, black paint, and markers

Directions: Have children put pink thumbprints on a piece of construction paper and make the prints into pigs. Use black paint for cows, red for roosters etc. Use a marker to add legs, beaks etc.

Sponge Paint Farm Animals added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Sponges, clothespins, black paint, paper, animal stencils

Directions: Ahead of time, cut sponges into chunks. Clip each chunk into a spring- type clothespin. Pour Black paint into shallow dishes. Paint cow spots on large sheets of paper. Let each child trace an animal with the stencil onto the tagboard and cut out animal shape. Then children clip on clothespins on the shape to make four legs. The animals will stand up.

Pop Up Corn added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Each child will need a craft stick, a 6-ounce or larger paper cup, a Styrofoam meat tray with a textured surface, paint, glue, and green construction paper.

Directions: Use construction paper and cut ears of corn out of the Styrofoam for each child. Ask the children to paint their ears of corn yellow and their craft stick green. Next, glue the ears of corn and leaves to the craft stick as illustrated. When these have dried thoroughly, cut a small slit in the bottom of the paper cup for the craft stick to fit into snugly. The children may then surprise friends by having them look into the cups only to see an ear of corn pop right up from it. Another option would be to make flowers rather than ears of corn.

Seedy Collage added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large piece of green construction paper, glue, and several types of 
inexpensive dried seeds and beans, such as popcorn, lima beans, pinto beans, and navy beans. 

Directions: Ask the children to squeeze out a long stripe of glue along the length of their paper. Have them spread the glue slightly, keeping the long thin shape, and sprinkle one type of seed along the glue stripe. They should make two or three more stripes of glue, adding different types of seeds to each. The finished collage should remind one of the rows of seeds planted in a garden.

Milk Carton Barn added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need:  a ½- or I-pint cardboard milk carton, red paint, a paintbrush, and black paint or marker. 

Directions: The teacher will need a box cutter or craft knife. Have the child paint the entire milk carton with red paint. After it has dried, use the box cutter to cut a door and window in the carton. When the window and door are cut, the child may complete the barn by painting the roof black and outlining the door and window in black. When completely dry, the child may use the barn as a home for small plastic farm animals.

Barnyard Mural added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: A long sheet of butcher paper, paint, a paintbrush for each child, markers or crayons, glue, and rice. 

Directions: Draw a barn and the surrounding barnyard on the butcher paper. Paint the children's palms the color of their choice, and ask them to press it onto the mural in the appropriate area. Quickly wash the paint off the children's hands. When dry, ask the children to draw a face and feet onto each handprint, transforming it into a rooster or a turkey.

Muddy Pigs added 4-2-99Original Author Unknown

Need: Pink paper, brown paint

Directions: Cut large pig shapes out of pink paper. Give each child a pig shape with a small amount of brown fingerpaint in the center of it. Let the children cover their pig with the brown fingerpaint "mud."

Straw Painting added 4-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Straw, Paint

Directions: Have the children use pieces of straw for paintbrushes. Have them use different colors and see how they can paint with it and make it look different. When the paintings are finished, have them add the pieces of straw to their work for a different look.

Farm Collage added 4-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Magazines, construction paper, markers and crayons

Directions: Depending on the ages of the children, have them cut out pictures from magazines or have them already cut out for them. Find pictures that would go with farms like barns, animals, etc. Have the children glue the pictures they choose on a piece of construction paper to make a barn scene. Have them use markers or crayons to add things they would like that there was not a picture for.

Piggy Puppets added 5-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: One Paper Plate, Pink Construction Paper, Paint, crayons, markers, glue.

Directions: Have children paint or color their paper plates pink. Cut 3 in. circle, Then cut in half. This will be the ears. Also cut a two in. circle. This will be the nose. When the plate is dry (if you painted.) glue on the ears and the nose. Then add the remaining facial features.

Pig Snout added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Toilet paper roll. pink paint, pink paper, yarn or elastic, and glue

Directions: Make pig snouts from toilet paper rolls cut in half and paint pink or glue pink construction paper around it. Punch holes in sides and tie on yarn or elastic.

Animal Tracks added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: plastic animals, paint and paper

Directions: Get some plastic animals and dip their feet into paint then place them onto colored paper or wax paper.

Buttermilk Chalk Picture added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Cardboard, brush, butter milk, and chalk

Directions: Brush a piece of cardboard with 2 to 3 tablespoons of buttermilk or dip chalk in buttermilk. Create designs using colored chalk.

The Quacking Duck added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: 1 plastic cup, preferably yellow, 1 yard of thick cotton cording, 1 piece of sponge 1” x 2”, black permanent marker, small piece of yellow felt

1. Make two holes, one inch apart, at the bottom of a plastic cup.
2. String thread through each hole and knot ends together, leaving a 3-inch tail on the ends.
3. Using the remaining tail, tie a sponge to the string.
4. Lightly dampen sponge and wrap around top of strings.
5. Pull sponge firmly down string to make a quacking noise.

Farm Weaving Idea added 3-06-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Chicken Wire, tape, natural raffia, gingham ribbon, old blue jeans etc..

Directions: Cut squares of small-holed chicken wire. Put masking tape around the
sharp edges. Set out assorted lengths of natural raffia, gingham ribbons and narrow
strips ripped from old blue jeans.  The children weave them in and out of the holes.

Hand Horses added 3-06-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown paint, paper, brown marker

Directions: Take brown paint and paint a child's hand. Then press the hand down on
paper and with fingers pointing down. The fingers are the legs and the thumb is the head. Draw the mane and hoofs and eyes and tail and you have handprint horses.

Lamb added 2-10-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, glue, cotton, scissors

Directions: Cut a lamb shaped piece out of black construction paper.  Glue onto white paper.  Have the kids draw in grass, sun , sky, barn , whatever they want. Then glue cotton balls on the lamb to make him wooly.

Paper Plate Pig added 2-10-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, pink crayon, pink paper, glue, markers

Directions: Have children color a paper plate pink. Cut out two ears out of pink construction paper (triangles) and glue them onto the top of a paper plate.  They can draw on eyes and nose.

Sheep added 2-10-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, white paper, white crayon, hole reinforcements, scissors

Directions: Trace each child’s hand onto black paper using a white crayon. (Fingers spread very little, thumb spread out as far as possible) Cut out the hands. Glue the cut out hand onto white paper. (Finger facing down. Fingers are the feet and the thumb is the head and neck.) Now cover the body of the sheep with the sticky hole reinforcements to give it a curly woolly look. Draw on an eye with the white crayon. Then draw grass, etc… on the background.

Cow Prints added 3-24-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, white paper, white crayon, hole reinforcements, scissors

Ahead of time, cut sponges into chunks. Clip each chunk into a spring-type clothespin. Pour Black paint into shallow dishes. Paint cow spots on large sheets of paper. Later after the paint dries you can cut the paper into the shape of a cow if so desired.

Pig Faces added 5-5-03 Submitted by: Laura Knittel

Need: pink paint, egg carton, elastic string, pink puff balls, scissors

Take an egg carton and cut the sections out. Let the kids paint them pink. When they dried the adult can poke little holes in the sides and then put elastic string through the holes making sure it fit the child's head. Give each child 2 pink puff balls and have them glue them on so that it looked like a pigs nose. Also make pig ears to go along.



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