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Alphabet : J > Arts & Crafts

Jack and the Beanstalk added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

Paint a paper towel tube green. Cut leaf shapes from construction. paper and glue them to the tube. For the stem glue a long piece of yarn around the leaves. Glue together 4 toilet paper rolls to make a castle. Cut sections from the castle towers. Paint the castle. Add doors and windows from cut paper. Glue the beanstalk and castle together. Glue cotton around the bottom of the castle to look like clouds. Draw Jack on paper and staple him to a long piece of yarn about 2x the length of the beanstalk. Tie the other end to a craft stick. Drop the stick down the beanstalk - when the stick comes down - pull on the yarn and see Jack go up the beanstalk.

Jack-O-Lanterns added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: A Paper plate, Orange tempera paint, Black markers, Green Construction paper, and Scissors.

Give each of the children a round paper plate. Have them paint the back side of the paper plate with Orange tempera paint. Use black paint or markers to draw the face and add a green construction paper stem.

Jewelry added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

Bracelets out of fish tank filter tubing filled with sesame seeds, small cake decorating sprinkles, glitter, confetti tin foil beads - roll foil into balls and roll in tempera paint - allow to dry and string with large tapestry (dull) needles on fishing line

J - jack-in-the-box added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

A very simple jack-in-the-box can be made from construction paper with a square (about 4 inches), a triangle (just a little smaller), two rectangles (about 3/4 by 3 inches), a circle (about 3 inch diameter) and a small paper spring (3/4 in. by 4 in. strip, accordion folded). The square is the box. The triangle is the body (attach to the top of the square) and the circle (the head) is attached to the top of the triangle with the paper spring . The spring makes the head bobble just a bit as if he had just popped out of the box. The rectangles are attached to the triangle body for arms. The children can draw the face and decorate the rest as they desire. The whole thing can be glued on another piece of paper if you desire. This might make assembly a
little easier for the children.

Painting with jello added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

You can either paint glue on paper and then sprinkle with jello powder for a scratch and sniff picture, or you can mix jello powder with a little water to make scented water colors.

Apple Jacks Letter J added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

Glue Apple Jacks to an uppercase and lowercase Jj.

Jelly Beans in a Jar added 7-16-98 Original Author Unknown

Get a picture of a jar in which the children glue on jelly beans.



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