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Arts & Crafts: Monsters

The Blob added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paint, paper, tape, crayons.

Directions:  Draw a shape on a piece of paper. Cut out the shape. Place the Blob Pattern on top of another piece of paper (can tape down). Use a sponge to dab paint along the edges where the pattern and piece of paper meet. Remove the pattern. Use crayons to draw a face on your Blob any way you like it.

Monster Face added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, paper, yarn, glitter, sequins, colored pasta, markers, crayons, tissue paper, other collage materials, hole punch, glue, scissors

We take paper plates and let the child decorate their own monster face. They cut out eyes, nose and mouth. They use yarn. glitter, sequins, colored pasta, markers, crayons, tissue paper...anything we have in the art center . Then we paper hole punch a hole on each side, and add yarn to tie the mask on. The children all name the type of monster they are and we all parade around the room to the tune of the " Monster Mash".

Monster Headbands  added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, Collage material, wiggly eyes, crayons, feathers, felt, tissue paper, staples, glue, tape, scissors

Directions: Let Children make a monster headband, Cut a monster shape, and add to a band for around head. Let them decorate with different collage items, buttons, wiggly eyes, crayons, feathers, felt, tissue paper, etc... Let them decorate to be a unique monster. Staple (cover the back of the staples with tape, so they do not scratch.) around the head and do a Monster stomp! 

Large Monster  added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large bulletin board paper, markers and crayons, scissors

Directions: Tape a large sheet of bulletin board paper on the tabletop. Draw an outline of a monster and provide the children with various collage materials and art equipment. Let them create their own friendly monster. Cut out and display!

"Wild Things"  added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper bag, collage material, markers and crayons, scissors, glue

Directions: Read the book Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Children may make their own "wild things" using paper bags, buttons, yarn, etc... They may be used as puppets and the children can retell the story.

Juice Can Puppets  added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

frozen juice can, paper, fabric, felt, scissors, glue

Directions: Make juice can puppet monsters: One clean frozen juice can per puppet 
Construction paper or fabric for body Glue Felt or paper strips for arms and legs Buttons, feathers, fabric, glitter, paper, and other assorted decorations. Cover the juice can by gluing on construction paper or fabric, then place the can upright on a table (with the opening at the bottom). Glue felt "arm" strips midway down both sides of the can and "leg" strips to the front of the lower edge. Set out the rest of your decorations and watch as your children create some interesting characters.

Paper Bag Monster added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper bag, collage material, scissors, glue

Directions: A great idea for monster madness is to get a paper bag (large enough to
fit over a child's head). Cut an oval shape around where their eyes are (this shape makes it easier for them to see). Collect recycled material and let the children create their own monsters.

Beautiful Beasts added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

tissue paper, glue, jumbo rickrack, Styrofoam balls and luncheon size paper plates.

Scrunch up and glue tissue paper squares to the back of a paper plate.
Cover the whole plate. Allow for drying time. Cut a Styrofoam ball in half. Using black permanent marker, color a pupil on each ball half. Then glue the halves to the tissue paper for eyes. Also glue rickrack to the  tissue paper for a mouth. You can also add a tissue paper mane or beard,  ears, or accessories. Display on a black bulletin board background.

My Monster added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, crayons and markers

Directions: Take green paper and have the children design their own monster. When they are finished have them to tell you about their monster. Maybe their name, where they live etc... 

Monsters added 9-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Cloths dryer lint, thin glue, wiggle eyes, outline of monster figure 

Directions: Have children paint a thin layer on glue on to cut out and Tear pieces of lint to create a monster. I save my lint for a few weeks because I get a variety of colors. Add eyes.

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