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Arts & Crafts: Nursery Rhymes

Baa Baa Black sheep added 8-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: black paint, soap, water, straw, paper, sheep outline

Directions: Black Bubble painting on sheep outline

Baa Baa Black sheep added 8-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, pencil, sheep outline

Directions: Curl white paper strips around pencils and glue onto sheep outline

Hickory Dickory Dock added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Gray paper, hole punch, stuffing, string, wiggle eyes, pink pompom

Directions: Made laced mice.  First you cut out a gray colored construction paper heart shape with the paper folded in half. Use a hole punch to make holes all along the outer edge (not the folded edge), and use a string to start at the pointed end of the heart to lace. Continue lacing until about 3/4 done and stuff with fluff.  Finish lacing until you get to the incurve on the heart and tie off, leaving a tail when cutting the string off.  Add wiggle eyes and a pink pompom to the pointed end of the heart and you have the mouse that ran up the clock!!

Humpty Dumpty Book  added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Poster board, crayons or markers

Directions: After saying the rhyme several times we make a big book. Before hand I
write one line of the poem on the top of half a piece of poster board. I ask the children what needs to be in the picture. I use simple drawings. After putting the pages together with rings the book is then left out for them to read. They can also make a smaller version at center time if they care to. This can be done with different rhymes.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: orange construction paper, another sheet of paper any color, pictures of men and women, glue and scissors

Directions: Cut out a large pumpkin  shape that will fit on a 8x11 piece of construction
paper.  Cut a window shape in it.  Have the children find pictures in a magazine or catalog of a man and a women to represent Peter and his wife. Glue the lady inside the pumpkin looking out the window and glue the pumpkin on the other sheet of construction paper then glue Peter on the side of the pumpkin. I then add the words of the nursery rhyme on the page also.  You can do several other pages of different nursery rhymes and make a book for the children.  They like it when they can take it home to read it to Mom and or Dad

Humpty Dumpty added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Red paper, white paper, scissors, glue, and crayons or markers

Directions: Trace an oval and get the kids to cut it out.  On a bottom of a piece of construction paper, get the children to tear some red construction paper to look like bricks and glue it on the bottom.  Get the kids to draw facial features on the oval.  Glue the oval on top of the brick wall.  For legs, I used strips of construction paper folded accordion style.

Nursery Rhyme Puppets added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: nursery rhyme coloring books, crayons, glue, popsicle sticks, contact paper

Directions: Take Nursery coloring book pages and allow them to color them. Cut around the characters. Use contact paper or laminator when they are finish. Staple or hot glue them to a popsicle stick and now you have  a puppet. Allow the children to act out the rhymes with their new puppets.

Three Little Kitten Mitten Collage added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Wall paper scraps or books, glue, large paper.

Directions: Cut mittens out of the wallpaper scraps / samples. Let the children glue mittens all over the paper to make a collage.

Old King Cole Crowns added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Heavy paper, collage materials, scissors, glue

Directions: Cut crown shapes out of heavy paper. Have a wide variety of materials available for decoration. ( buttons, lace, paper, tissue paper, macaroni) Let the children glue the collage material to the crown. When it dries staple to fit the child's head.

Mice added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, paper plates, number stickers, pipe cleaners, yarn, crayons.

Directions: Fold paper in half and draw half a heart shape starting at the fold. Have the children cut out the heart shape. Re fold the heart to be a mouse shape. Give them yarn to glue on as a tail and a circle to glue on as an eye. Then make clocks from paper plates. Let the children color the rim of the plate. Give them numbers to stick on. Showing them a real clock face so that they can attempt to place the numbers correctly. Have a pipe cleaner ready to stick through the center for the hands of the clock.  Recite the Hickory Dickory Dock Rhyme.

Twinkle Stars added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Star stamp, cookie cutter, or sponge, paint, glitter, black paper

Directions: Use stamps, cookie cutters and sponges to make star prints. Use yellow
paint with sparkles added to make prints on black paper.

Twinkle Stars 2 added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Star shape, glue, sparkles, hole punchers, yarn

Directions: Use a pre-cut star shape or have the children cut it out and glue on sparkles and glitter to make it twinkle.  punch a hole in one point to wear it as a necklace.

Baa Baa Black Sheep added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Finger paint paper, black paint, scissors.

Directions: Cut out a sheep shape onto finger paint paper. Use black paint and let the children finger paint the wool onto their sheep.

Mary's Lamb added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, cotton, glue, lamb shape,

Directions: Glue cotton balls onto a lamb shape.

Little Muffet's Spider added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: marble, box, white paper, black paint

Directions: Marble painting spider webs. Place a piece of white paper in a box and drop marbles into some black paint in the corner of the box. Have the children move the box around so that the marble rolls over the paper creating a web effect.

Muffet's print spider added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown  

Need: Stamp pad, paper, marker

Directions: Use stamp pads to make spiders. Use the children's finger prints for the bodies and then use the marker to add legs onto the bodies.

Jack Be Nimble added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper tube, small paper plate, paint, paper

Directions: Use a paper tube to make a candle. Glue it onto a small paper plate. Have the children paint and decorate their candle. Ad a paper flame. Then act out the nursery rhyme.

Humpty Dumpty Paper Plate added 9-3-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plates, markers, black construction paper, fasteners

Directions:  Have each child cut out strips of black construction paper with the legs
and arms folded like accordion style. Unfold. Children can then decorate their paper plates as humpty dumpty. Use fasteners to put on legs and arms.

My Mother Goose Book added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, copy of nursery rhyme words, crayons

Directions: Everyday that you introduce a new rhyme, give a copy of the rhyme to each child. The verse should be dittoed on the top half of a piece of paper and the children may illustrate the rhyme on the bottom half. At the end of your unit, the children will have a complete Nursery Rhyme book, filled with all the rhymes that were done at school.

Hey Diddle Diddle added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, plastic spoon, crayons or markers, paper, pipe cleaner

Directions: The Dish That Ran Away With The Spoon. Decorate a face on a paper plate with crayons, markers, or pasting on cut-out shapes. Add paper arms and legs. Using a plastic spoon... draw a face on it with permanent markers and add pipe cleaners for arms and legs.

Humpty On the Wall added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, glue, crayons and markers

Directions: Give kids red construction paper rectangles to glue onto bottom of their paper.  Put  Humpty Dumpty shape on top of oval and glue in place, add face using wiggle eyes.   Have them draw stick arms if they can.  Decorate by gluing crushed egg on. 

Muffet's Dancing Spider added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue or tape, yarn

Directions: Take one black circle and the same size orange circle, One smaller black
circle, 4 pipe cleaners (all the same or two colors, ie, two black and two orange), two googly eyes. Glue the small black circle to top of orange circle. Glue eyes to small black circle. Glue or tape pipe cleaner to orange circle spacing evenly ( I alternated colors). Glue or staple black circle on top of the pipe cleaners. Bend cleaners at knee and up on ends. Attach a piece of yarn to black circle in two different spots. ( this makes the spiders easier to operate.)

When The Pie Was Opened added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Sing a Song of Sixpence - Four and Twenty Blackbirds Baked In A Pie

Need: Large paper, bird shaped sponge, black paint

Directions: Cut out bird shapes from sponges. Cut large sheets of paper into pie shapes and let the children dip their sponges into a pan of black tempera paint and print blackbirds all over their *pie*.

There Was A Crooked Man added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, scissors, glue

Directions: Crooked Cutting Practice scissors skills by providing lots of scrap paper
and scissors (the decorative zigzags are great!) . Consider making crooked
collages out of the crooked cuttings.

Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: old kid's shoes (Keds are the best but any will work), Spray paint (optional), Puff paint, sequins, glitter, paper

Directions: The teacher can spray all the shoes one color beforehand. Read the nursery rhyme.  Let children decorate their shoes.  If they like, they can make little people to put in them.  You can also print the rhyme on a footprint and put it in the shoe.  Let dry.

Painting Pies added 5-21-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plates, Aluminum pie tin,
1c. white flour, 1c. wheat flour, 1/4t. ground cloves, 1/4t. nutmeg or ginger, 2t. cinnamon, 2c. water

Directions: Read aloud "Simple Simon" Then make pretend pies with the children.
First invert two stacked paper plates over two others so that all four plates are rim to rim.  Staple all around.

Pie Paint Recipe
1c. white flour
1c. wheat flour
1/4t. ground cloves
1/4t. nutmeg or ginger
2t. cinnamon
2c. water
Mix well
This makes sweet smelling pie paint for 10-12pies.  Have each child paint a crust on the top half of their pie. Dry 24 hours. When dry place each pie in a aluminum pie pan.

Put Humpty Together Again added 7-15-03 Submitted by: Meighan Baker

Need: Paper, glue, crayons or markers

Directions: Cut out an oval egg shape and then cut the oval into 2 or 3 jagged edged pieces.  Give a child the pieces and some glue and tell him or her to put Humpty back together again.  Once the child puts his or her Humpty Dumpty together, they can draw a face on him and glue on paper arms and legs!


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