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Arts & Crafts: Animals > Penguins

Also See: Winter Animals

Tongue depressor Penguins
added 1-6-99
Original Author Unknown

Need: 1 large tongue depressor, 1 popsicle stick, fun foam in yellow and orange, black & white paint, tongue dep. black

Directions: Paint pop stick white. Glue pop stick in the middle of tongue dep. On the
white part, draw two eyeballs with permanent marker. leave about an inch or more and draw in three buttons. (dots actually) Make a beak (shaped like a pumpkin seed) out of orange fun foam. Glue beneath eyes. Cut hat and scarf out of yellow fun foam. Glue hat on black part above eyes. Glue scarf below beak. Add magnet or pins on back.

Penguins added 1-6-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: 35mm film container with its lid (body), 2 5mm wiggle eyes, 1 1"x11/2" piece of white construction paper (stomach), 1 2"x2" piece of black construction paper (flippers), 1 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" piece of pink construction paper (feet), 1 1"x3/4" piece of red construction paper (beak)

Directions: Glue the eyes near the top of the container. Cut the oval from the white paper. Glue it below the eyes Fold the black paper in half. Draw one flipper. Cut through both thick-nesses. Glue the flippers in place. Cut a heart shape from the pink paper. Glue it to the bottom of the container with the tip of the heart pointing to the back of the penguin. Cut a diamond shaper from the red paper. Fold it in half. Glue the bottom half of the diamond to the container right below the eyes.

Penguin and iceberg added 1-8-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Drink trays, Toilet paper roll, paint, paper, glue

Directions: A great art idea is to take a tray from Duncan Donuts( the ones they put
the coffees in) Turn it upside down and paint it white. ( that is the iceberg), then take a toilet paper roll and paint it black and white. Add the feet by cutting out black construction paper and gluing it on. Add the beak and eyes. Glue the penguin (toilet roll) to your iceberg. My kids usually end up naming their penguins.

Penguin Puppet added 1-8-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, paste

Directions: Fold a black construction paper into a long roll. (Hot dog roll, that would be!) Paste two black wings to the back. Elongated white oval for tummy. Little orange feet as paper bag penguin. Make the beak a long rectangle with triangle ends at either end. Fold it twice so that there is about 1/2 inch to glue beak onto face.

Penguin Tracing added 2-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large black paper, markers, white paper, orange paper

Directions: Have a child lie on a large black sheet of paper.  Trace around the body -
arms along the side and feet pointed out.  Cut white oval for the stomach, white & black circle for eyes, and an orange triangle beak.  You will have a roomful of penguins all a little different.

Ice Cube Painting added 2-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Penguin pattern, orange and black powdered paint, ice cube with Popsicle stick.

Directions: Freeze Popsicle sticks into ice cubes. Cut out white penguin shapes.  Have the children sprinkle the paint on the penguin and paint with an ice cube on a stick.
Variation: Use black paper and paint with white and orange powdered paint.

Penguins added 2-2-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Penguin pattern, glue, salt

Directions: Cut out black penguin shapes. Have the children use glue and salt in
shakers to cover the parts of the penguin that should be white

Penguin Finger-puppet added 4-8-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: film canister, Hot glue (adults only), fun foam

Directions: Use film canisters and cut the lid in half.  Hot glue them to the sides for wings. Finish up by adding a white foam belly and an orange beak and two googly eyes.

Penguin added 11-26-01 Submitted by: Mary Ann Martin

Need: cardboard roll  (toilet paper size), black and white construction paper, small pieces of orange pipe cleaner and google eyes.

Directions: Cover the cardboard roll tube with the black construction paper. This should be pre-sized for the correct amount to use for penguin's body. Use oval shape white construction paper for the middle of the penguin's body. Use a small piece of orange pipe cleaner for the beak and add 2 google eyes. Use additional black paper to ad wings.

Penguin Feet added 11-26-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper, scissors, crayons or markers, and glue

Directions: Have your students trace their foot onto white paper. Next have them color their foot tracing so it looks like a penguin. The top half of the foot is the head. They will need to make wings and penguin feet.

Penguin Puppets added 1-10-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, scissors, glue

Directions: Cut out a body shape - fold black paper in half.  Round the top and cut
along the side.  Have the child glue around the top and along one side.  Leave the
bottom open as that is where the hand will go.  Cut out white oval stomach, white
and black eyes, black wings, and an orange beak and you have Peter Penguin.

Penguin Collage added 2-03-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, scissors, glue, craft sticks

Directions: This
is great for a  bulletin board. Give the kids a black penguin body. Have the children cut white bellies, eyes, beaks, hat, etc.... then have then glue together there original penguin. Give the children craft sticks for the bottom as skies. You will get many unique penguins. Put a hill on your bulletin board and you can have skiing penguins.

Penguin Shape added 12-01-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, scissors, glue, craft sticks

Directions: Cut out penguin shapes from black paper. Paint with Epsom Salts diluted in water. It makes the penguin look frosty.

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