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Arts & Crafts: Reptiles & Pond Life

Paper Plate Snakes added 8-5-98
Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plates, Crayons, string for hanging

Direction:  Have the children use crayons to color designs on both sides of their paper plates. Then cut each plate around and around in a spiral so that when you are finished, it resembles a snake. Draw an eye on one end. Then hang the finished products. If your children are older, they may be able to cut the paper plates themselves.

Nylon Snake added 8-5-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paint, paint brushes, newspaper, old nylons.

Directions: Talk to the children first about snakes and what some snakes look like. Let the children crumple up paper into balls. Then let them stuff a nylon with these paper balls. When the child finishes stuffing his/hers, have them tie a knot at the end of the nylon. Let the children paint their snakes as they wish.

Lizard with scales added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Bubble wrap, paint, and paint rollers, paper

Directions: Cut bubble wrap the shape of a lizard. Have the kids use brightly colored
neon paint and mini-paint rollers. Roll paint on bubble wrap and then press pieces of paper over the bubbles to make scaly lizard pictures.

Turtle added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: 1 paper bowl, green paint, brown construction, paper black, marker, stapler

Turn bowl upside down and paint green, let dry. Cut out front and back feet from brown Const. paper. Staple to bowl. Cut out head w/neck, then draw eyes
and mouth. Staple to bowl. Poke a hole in the top of the bowl in the middle. Then insert a piece of yarn & tape to the inside of the bowl. Now those turtles can go for a walk. This idea could also be made into a spider.

Turtle puppet added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, staple, green paper, green sock

Directions: Paint a paper plate to resemble a turtle's top shell and paint another plate
for the bottom shell. ( I have used both the dinner plate size and the sandwich plate size.) Staple or glue green construction paper legs on either the top or bottom plate. Sandwich a green sock between the painted paper plates so that the toe sticks out for the head and the top of the sock sticks out the back for the tail. Staple the two plates together on both sides, add eyes, slip your hand into the sock and wah-lah...a turtle hand puppet to use with story time. Warning...all the children want to make their own!

Turtle added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, paper, glue

Directions: Using paper-plate scraps, cut out turtles head and tail. Leave a tab on each. Draw in features. Cut two strips about 1" by 5" from around the rim of a plate. Fold in half and color to form legs and feet. Color the bottom of a plate to look like a turtle shell. Fold the plate in half. Cut two 1" slits along the fold, just inside the rim. Glue or staple folded shell closed at top. Insert head and tail into folded shell and secure in place. Insert folded ends of legs into slits. The ridges on the legs will keep them in place. Bend legs slightly to stand.

Pie-Pan Turtle added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pie tin, Green paint, green pipe cleaner, unshelled Almond, mustard seed

Directions: Paint a pie-pan tin green. Glue 4 legs around the edges in the appropriate
places on each side. Pierce a hole in the back and thread in a green pipe cleaner for the tail. The turtle's head is made from an unshelled almond. To attach it, the almond needs to have a hole made in the center of the rounded end. This hole should be just large enough to push an end of the pipe cleaner into. Secure the pipe cleaner to the shell with some glue. Paint the head green. Glue on mustard seeds or tiny beads for the turtle's eyes.

Flower Pot Turtles added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: 1 small flowerpot (very small), acrylic paint, sponge for painting dense, synthetic sponges for body, black marker, hot glue or tacky glue

Directions: Turn flowerpot upside down and sponge paint. Any color looks cute. Let dry. Cut head shape out of green sponges, plus 4 legs and a tail. With marker, draw
eyes on head. Glue head, legs and tail to flowerpot. The head, legs, and tail are glued to the edges of the pot opening.

Alligator Puppet added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Construction paper, Paper Bag, scissors, pencil, and glue

Directions: Draw & cut out the eyes, nose & the upper section of the alligators mouth from construction paper. Glue them to the bottom of the paper bag. Draw & cut out
the inside of the mouth & the two front feet from paper. Glue them to the front of the bag. Attach a tail to the back of the bag. Place your hand inside the bag & curve your fingers over the fold to move the puppet.

Snake rubbings added 4-5-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tire, paper, crayons

Directions: Do a tire rubbings (preferably a old tire not attached to a vehicle.) on long strips of paper and cut it to be SNAKES! It's perfect and they are crawling on the walls of our class.

Crocodile added 4-8-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Spring type clothes pins, green paint, wiggly eyes, small yellow pom poms and glue

Directions:  Paint the clothespins green, glue the eyes on the top then add the pom poms along the back.

Turtle added 4-2-02 Submitted By: Susan Kensinger

Need: (for each child)
      two circles cut out of green paper - body
      four small yellow rectangles - legs
      one small yellow triangle - tail
      one small yellow rectangle rounded at one end - head
      one piece of string with tape on one end

Directions: Children glue three yellow circles to top of one green circle. Children glue four legs, head, and tail to the underside of top circle. Put small amount of glue in middle of both green circles. The teacher punches both green circles in a semi-circle pattern. Space holes according to children's ability. Children lace both circles together with string.

Lizard Bracelet added 4-6-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, crayons and markers, tape

Directions: Cut a lizard shape out of paper. Let the children color it. Wrap the lizard around the child's wrist tape the tail to the head.

Paper Towel Roll Snakes added 4-6-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper towel tube, paint

Directions: First let the kids paint the paper tube what ever color they want. Start at the end of the paper roll & cut in a circular or spiral line. At the end cut a head shape, then cut the tail into a tapered shape. Then you can hang the snakes from the celing or the children can wrap it around their arm.

Talking Frog added 5-12-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, paper, cotton, scissors, glue

Directions: Used a 9" paper plate to trace a circle onto a piece of green paper.  Cut out the circle. Fold this circle in half and glue two cotton balls on the top half for eyes (add a black circle about the size of a regular paper punch for the pupils).  Cut four long strips of green for the legs and added a red tongue in the fold.  The children
liked these because they could make the frog "talk" by holding it in their hand and opening and closing the fold.

Alternative: You could just use a regular paper plate and have the children paint or color it green too.

Bobbing Frogs added 6-22-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: old cork, green marker or crayon, green pipe cleaner

Directions: Take old corks and color them with a green crayon or marker.  Then take a green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the cork, twist it, then bend the long ends into frog shaped legs.  Take your frog in tub, to the lake, or even to the swimming pool.

Small Aquatic Life Painting added 6-22-02 Original Author Unknown

Need:  Blue construction paper or craft paper, Washable paint (any colors you like-- especially brown & green), paint brushes, Plastic toy fishes, turtles, aquarium plants, stones-- anything that could be found in a river, lake, or pond

Directions: Children can spread paint onto the items, and use them to make an imprint on the paper.  You could do this as a group mural, on a large piece of paper, or as individual projects. 

Finger Print Frogs added 2-16-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: finger paint paper, green finger paint, scissors

Directions: Cut a piece of finger paint paper into the shape of a Lilly pad. Have
the children pretend that their fingers are frogs jumping on the Lilly pad making frogs with there finger prints. Use a green marker to add frog legs and a black marker to add eyes and other features.

Coffee Filter Turtles added 7-15-03 Submitted By: Annabelle Hogan

Need: coffee filter, paper towel or stuffing, green paper, glue, paint

Directions: Take coffee filters and stuffed them with scrunched up paper towels. (stuffing could also be used if available.) Then, cover it with a piece of green construction paper that is glued on. Then, the children can glue on the head, the feet and the tail. (It's easiest to glue on if it's flipped upside down.) Then, the child can paint the shell.    

Fish In A Pond added 9-21-04 Submitted By: Anonymous

Need: New (or sterilized) meat or fruit trays, blue paper, colored fish cutouts, saran wrap, tape or glue, and scissors.

Directions: Cut blue paper to fit the inside of each tray. Have children glue blue paper to the tray and glue or tape fish to the paper. Cover tray tightly with saran wrap to give a shiny pod effect.


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