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Preschool Education Article

Go Away Monster!
(c) By Christa J Koch

If your preschooler happens to see a monster in a book or on TV, he may assume they are real, and he may be scared. Reassure him that monsters are not real. Monsters can't hurt him. Even with your reassurance it may take a while for your words to sink in. It is not that your preschooler does not believe you, it is just that their fear can be greater then your words.

If a fear of monsters is causing a problem at nighttime, you may need to take special steps to reassure your preschooler that there are no monsters in their room. Holding your child’s hand and walk them through their room while it is well lit is a good start. Together check for monsters. Be sure to check under the bed, in all the closets, in all the drawers, and behind the curtains. Check your child's room for shadows. Make sure that a nightlight, streetlights, moon etc… do not cast any ghastly shadows in your preschoolers room.

There are some other techniques you can try to help reassure your preschool that their are no monsters in their room. Not all techniques will work for all children. The life of a preschooler can be a very magical place. "I believe it will happen, therefore it will." These techniques may seem silly to you, but you no longer live in that magical land of the preschoolers. So, give each technique the benefit of the doubt.

1. Monster Trap: Offer your child some simple household materials. (Paper tube, strawberry basket, pipe cleaner, paper, juice bottle lids, glue, crayons, etc…) Allow them to make their own monster trap. Several can be made if it makes your preschooler more comfortable. When they are complete place them just outside your child's bedroom door.

2.  No More Monster Spray: Buy a can of some great smelling room freshener and make a new label for the can. A picture of a monster with an X through it will work fine. Offer to use the No More Monster spray in your preschooler's room before it is time to sleep. This spray sure does repel those scary monsters.

3.  No Monsters Allowed: Get out some basic craft supplies and let your preschooler make a "No Monsters Allowed" sign for their bedroom door. This will tell those monsters to turn back and find another room to live in.

4.  No Monster Button: Make a "no monster button" on a piece of plain paper. Make it around the size of a light switch. Tape it to your preschooler's wall. At night before you turn off the light tell your preschooler not to worry that you are pressing the special No Monsters Button.

5. Flashlight: Give your preschooler the power of light. Buy a small plastic flashlight. The kind that when you let go of the button the light goes out. This may help older preschoolers settle their own feelings about monsters. If he can shine a light on that shadow that is scaring him, he might start to realize it is just a shadow.

But isn’t this being dishonest to my child? The "honest approach" can make the problem worse. Your preschooler’s imagination can take over all reasonable thought. Attempting to explain and examine your preschooler's feeling might only lead to more confusion and fear. The simplest approach is more often the better route to go. When using any of the above techniques the key is you ability to pull it off. If you think offering your child a monster spray is ridiculous, you will probably not be able to convince your child that it will work.

Remember to treat your child’s fear with all seriousness. Telling your child "Don’t be silly, Monsters are not real." will only cause hurt feelings, and a blow at your child’s self-esteem. For more information about children’s fear visit the article I am Scared!

About the Author: Christa Koch is the proud owner/developer of the website She has been teaching preschool children for over 13 years ,and has loved every minute of it. Christa lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband Mike and daughter Haley.

(C) Copyright 1997-2019 by Preschool Education

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