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Arts & Crafts: Space

added 2-19-98
Original Author Unknown

Need: Blue paint, paint brush, white paper, red streamers, scissors, glue, tape, Toilet tissue tubes, and a marker.

Directions: Have the children paint the Toilet tissue tube blue. Cut a circle out of white paper, twice the size of the top of the tube. Fold the circle in half. Cut half way through the center. Make a cone out of the Circle. Then Glue it to the top of the blue tube. Cut the red streamers into small strips. Tape them to the bottom inside of the tube. Using a marker write in the side of the tube " USS (child's name)". They look great hanging from the ceiling.

Moon Craters added 2-19-98  Original Author Unknown

Need: Plaster of Paris, Paint, Paint brush, and Bubble wrap.

Directions: Use the bubble wrap covered it with plaster of Paris. Let dry and peel off. Then they let the children paint it. Create your own planet surface! 

Plates in Space added 2-19-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plates, paper bowl, glue, crayons, markers, or tempera paint

Directions: Paper plates make great flying saucers!! You might want to tape two together to create a curved top and bottom (double up very thin plates). The child can use crayons, markers, or tempera paint to add insignias, gas caps, signs, etc. before proceeding. Once the saucer part of the ship is complete, you'll need to make the cabin for the crew! A paper bowl is perfect! Again, let the child use crayons or markers to draw windows, doors, etc. Affix the completed cabin to the center of the saucer with glue and let it dry.

A Moon added 2-19-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Beans and pasta, Paper plate, Glue, Flag toothpicks, and Aluminum foil.

Directions: Give each children a paper plate to work with. Glue on dried beans & other assorted things to provide texture for the moon surface. When it dries cover with aluminum foil & tuck the edges over so it doesn't come unwrapped. Then press down gently. This will reveal craters and fissures, etc. on the moon's surface. Purchase some toothpick flags to stick in, too. Tell the children really there is an American Flag on the Moon!

Space Necklace added 2-19-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Yellow and White fun foam, Colored tube type pasta, Glow in the dark lacing gimp, scissors, and hole punch.

Directions: Cut out a small star out of white foam, and a small moon out of yellow foam. Give each child 3 stars and two moon, a piece of lacing gimp, and a few pieces of pasta. Have the children lace these on there string. Only put a few on don't fill the whole string. When they are all done let the children wear them and turn out the lights.

Another way to make Rocket ships added 7-23-98 
Original Author Unknown

Need: Toilet paper tube, aluminum foil, paper, Red crepe paper

Directions: Give each child a toilet paper tube & aluminum foil to wrap around it.
Staple a circle in half (size of a coffee can lid) to form a cone for the
nozzle. Child should glue the cone onto the roll. Tape red crepe paper
"flames" from the bottom of the roll.

Moon surface added 4-13-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Poster board, water, flour

Directions: You give each child a 6" circle cut out of yellow poster board. Make
a paste of water and flour not too thick or watery. Give each child about a
handful of the paste on the circle and tell them to use their fingers to make
craters, hills and flat moon surfaces. My class last year loved playing in
this sticky stuff.

Moon Prints added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paint, dish soap, straws, pin, bowl or cup, paper

Directions: Make moon prints (a.k.a. bubble paint!).  Add tempera paint to water and dish soap, then use a straw (with a hole pierced halfway up the straw to prevent swallowing!). to blow bubbles way over the top of the bowl. Press a piece of paper down onto the bubbles, popping them and leaving "craters" on the paper.

Sponge Painted Earth added 4-29-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Earth pictures, white paper, blue and green paint, sponges

Directions: After looking at some pictures of earth taken from space I gave the children a big white paper circle and blue and green paint.  They created their own
version by using small pieces of sponge to paint the water and land.

Rockets added 4-29-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pringles Can, construction paper, stickers, markers

Directions: We covered Pringles cans with construction paper, added a paper cone to the top and fins on the sides.  We also added US flag stickers and the children
used markers to decorate them as they wished.

Mobile added 4-29-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Yarn, foil, paper, glitter, paper tube

Directions: We threaded a piece of yarn through the tube and tied it at the top to hang
the mobile.  We punched holes in the tube and hung three pieces of yarn from
it. (this part was prepared ahead of time). On the yarn the children hung a
crescent moon, a star (wrapped in foil) and a sun ( two circles with pieces
of yarn sandwiched in between for the rays) that the children had decorate
with glitter on both sides. 

Starry Night added 4-29-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, glitter

Directions: The children painted a piece of paper black and then added glitter for the

Planet Earth added 6-26-01 Submitted by: Brianna Martinez

Need: Paper (blue, green, brown), scissors, cotton, stapler, glue, tissue paper, ribbon

Directions: Cut large circles using blue construction paper. Cut out several "continents" using green and brown paper, assorted sizes. Each student gets 2 circles, and a few continents to glue on each circle. Give students cotton balls to pull apart and glue on for clouds. A touch of blue glitter is great too! When dry, staple circles together, leaving an opening. Stuff carefully with tissue paper, and staple closed. Use ribbon or fishing line for hanging.

Rockets added 2-2-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, tape, sliver paint, glue, glitter

Directions: Make a cone shape from construction paper and tape to make a rocket ship. Paint it silver, add glue and glitter stuff with colorful shredded paper with some strips dangling out the bottom. 

Stars added 3-3-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper, white crayon, thin black tempera paint.

Directions: Draw stars on white paper with the white crayon. Give each child a paintbrush and a starred paper. Let them brush the tempera paint wash over the paper and they will get a surprise.

Starry Skies added 3-15-04  Submitted by: Anonymous

Need: Black paper, carpet squares (or cardboard), push pin, window

Directions: Make "starry skies" by using a piece of black construction paper and push pins.  You can use carpet squares as cushioning under the paper (small felt boards might work equally well.) The children poke holes all over the paper with the push pin. You can also have them punch out constellations by copying them first. After they are done poking holes, have them hold the paper up to the window. Presto- a starry night!

Shape Constellations added 6-29-04  Submitted by: Stephanie Lisowski

Need: Black paper, white pencil, star stickers

Directions: On black construction paper, ask each child what their favorite shape is.  Draw that shape using either a white colored pencil or a regular pencil.  Then give the child a whole bunch of silver star-shaped stickers to "stick" all over their shape.  When it's completed, it will be their very own shape constellation!  (Look the best when you only give them enough stickers to cover only half the shape).


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