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Arts & Crafts: Spiders

Spooky Spider Webs
added 8-11-98
Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, pie pan, black paint, marble, spider ring

Directions: Put a paper plate in a pie pan and give the student a small dab of black paint. You can also paint a paper plate black and do the activity with the white paint to look more realistic. After the small dab of paint is placed on the student'' plate, drop a marble in and let the child move the pie pan in all different directions to make a spooky spider web. After it has dried, punch a hole in the plate and attach a plastic spider ring or sponge paint a spider in the web.

Tempera Paint Spider Webs added 8-11-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paint, Straws, and paper

Directions: Using runny black paint, allow the children to use a straw to blow the paint across the page to make a spider's web.

Spaghetti Cobwebs added 8-11-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Cooked spaghetti (cold), White glue, Waxed paper

Directions: Have the children dip the spaghetti into the glue and arrange the pieces onto the waxed paper. When the spaghetti dries, carefully peel the "cobweb" off the 
waxed paper. Hang from the ceiling.

Puffy Paint Cobwebs added 8-11-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Flour, salt, water, paper plate or construction paper

Directions: Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into squeeze bottles. Give each child a black paper plate or a piece of black construction paper. Let the children squeeze the white puffy paint onto the black paper. When the puffy paint dries, it will look like glittery cobwebs.

Spider Web added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: String or yarn 6.6 inch pieces of string, 4 12 inch pieces of string Diluted white, glue or liquid starch, Wax paper

Directions: Let the children dip pieces of string into dishes of glue or starch. Then have them lay their strings on wax paper to create the spider's web. Lay the string in the shape of a spiral overlapping the ends. Lay the large pieces of string over the spiral in the shape of a cross. When the strings dry, they will become stiff and hold their shapes.

Spiders added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: black tempera paint, medium Styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners (wide ones), wiggly eyes, fishing line, needle

Directions: Have the kids paint their Styrofoam balls black. Cut your pipe cleaners in half and stick into the painted ball. Four on each side of the ball. Then glue wiggly eyes on. We strung fishing line through them and hung them from the ceiling with just a piece of scotch tape.

Spiders added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, glitter

Directions: To make spiders, trace children's 4 fingers on black paper, then turn around paper and trace finger on other hand, adjacent to the first 4 fingers. (the palm areas will overlap each other) Cut out. Punch two holes for eyes, decorate w/ glitter and suspend from ceiling or window, draping with spider web gauze.

Pom Pom Spider added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black yarn, Small square of cardboard, Black pipe cleaners, Goggly eyes, Red construction paper, Glue

Directions: Wind yard around and around cardboard square until heavily covered. Using a small piece of yarn tie securely at the center, cut edges and remove the cardboard. Insert three pipe cleaners into the knotted center and bend to form legs. Glue on eyes if desired, or cut out eyes from red paper. Use thread or yarn to hang spider.

Egg Carton Spider added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Cardboard egg carton, Black pipe cleaners, Black tempera paint, marker or crayon, Red construction paper, Glue, Thread or yarn

Directions: Using paint, marker or crayons, color the cup sections of the egg carton.
Cut each egg cup apart. Push pipe cleaner legs into egg cup and bend to shape legs. Cut red paper and glue on for eyes. Use thread or yarn to hang.

Glitter Spider Webs  added 10-17-05 Submitted by: Anonymous

Need:  orange, purple, or brown, and black paper, silver glitter, glue.

Directions: Have children draw a web on a piece of black paper (an x across the whole paper and a spiral staring in the middle of the x an extending to the edges of the paper).  Have children then cover their lines with glue, sprinkle on some silver glitter, and shake off the excess.  Have children then attach a spider they have made from the other color paper to the middle of their web. 


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