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Arts & Crafts: Seasons > Spring

Also See Flowers, Kites, And Garden

Duck Prints added 3-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Orange and yellow Paint, Small Spatulas, Paper, Pie Tin, and a Fork.

Directions: Mix Orange and/or yellow paint. Pour in a large pie tin. Place one or two (small) spatulas on top of each color of paint. The children walk the spatulas across the paper to make prints. Talk about how the spatulas make a shape like the duck's webbed feet. To Do again, use forks to make chick's feet.

Spring Blossoms added 3-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Blue and Brown construction paper, Pink powdered tempera paint, plastic bag, glue, popcorn, and scissors.

Directions: Make a tree on brown construction paper. Cut it out and glue it on blue paper. Put popcorn in a plastic bag with pink powdered tempera paint. Shake!! Pour them onto the table. The children dip popped corn onto glue and then place onto the tree's branches to represent the blossoms.

Wind Socks added 3-7-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: 16 oz. foam cup for each child, Sharpened pencil, crepe paper streamers ( 6 colors), glue, yarn

Directions: Use a sharp pencil and poke six holes in the bottom of the cup. Space holes
evenly about 1/4" from the sides of the cup. Cut 6 18in crepe paper streamers
for each child. Roll the end of the paper and stick in hole on cup. On inside of cup, add a drop of glue on the side of the cup and glue the paper to the side of the cup. Do all 6 and glue. Poke a hole on each side of the cup- this will be the handle part- add yarn to make the handle. Have the children decorate the outside of the cup with extra pieces of Crete paper. We took ours to the playground and hung then on the fence. Its was so
colorful and pretty!

Wheelbarrow Planter added 3-13-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Plastic Scoops from Laundry detergent, Milk Gallon Cap (or buttons, etc...), Glue, Potting Soil, Seeds

Directions: Take the plastic scoop from laundry detergent (wash it ) and glue on each
side towards the handle the plastic lid off a gallon milk jug. It makes a little wheel barrow. I hope I spelled that right. Next add potting soil and let the kids plant seeds in it. I always plant either grass seeds or beans because they grow so fast.

Swimming Duck added 3-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Yellow, blue, white and orange Const. paper, scissors, and paste

Directions: Trace around 1 hand on white paper, cut it out. Cut out a yellow duck
body and yellow duck head, orange feet and an orange bill. Glue them on blue paper.
Using the hand print sideways as the ducks wings. Draw an eye on the duck and water lines around the duck.

3 -D kites added 4-18-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Wallpaper, sponges, paper, ribbon

Directions: Let children cut out diamond shape kites using wallpaper. The kids can even trace around a cardboard diamond shape. Now cut a tiny square of sponge & glue this onto a piece of construction paper & place the kite shape on top of the tiny sponge adding some more glue. . The sponge will make the kite stand out. We usually staple a piece of ribbon or yarn on the end of the kite for a tail. Let dry. The children might like to draw a background for the kites.

Wind Chimes added 3-23-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: See what materials the children suggest. Forks, spoons, shells, sticks, pieces of metal, aluminum pie pans etc.

Directions: Make wind chimes for children to hang outside. Wind chimes can be made of many different things. See what materials the children suggest. Forks, spoons, shells, sticks, pieces of metal, aluminum pie pans etc. Tape record the sound of the chimes and let the children listen to it at circle time or nap time.

Kites: Paper Bag Kite added 3-23-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper lunch bags, watercolors, paint or markers, stickers, streamers, tape, string

Directions: Decorate a clean paper lunch bag. Use water colors, poster paints or markers. Add your favorite stickers or make your own. Cut four 16 inch streamers or ribbons. Glue or tape them to the bottom corners of the bag. For a handle cut a 20 inch length of string. Place the two ends of the string inside the bag, about 1 inch down from the edge of each of the side creases. Attach with masking tape.

Blossom Trees added 2-27-01 Original Author Unknown

Construction paper, pink & white small squares of tissue paper, glue and glue sticks

Directions: Draw a tree onto a piece of construction paper. Children squish tissue paper into balls and glue onto branches on paper.

Spring Hats added 3-25-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plates, scissors, collage material, hole punch, ribbon

Directions: Take regular paper plates (I glued 2 together) and cut out the center circle so you have a ring. Glue misc. materials onto the ring, such as cupcake papers, crepe paper, pom poms, ribbons, feathers, or anything you can think of. Punch a hole on each side and tie a ribbon through the hole so the hat can be tied under the chin. We used the cupcake papers, crepe paper, raffia, ribbon, pom poms and they are just adorable! The kids had a blast making them, too.

Spring Tree Blossoms added 3-05-06 Submitted by: S. Dawn Graves

Sticks, Tissue paper, pencil, and glue 

Directions: Gather sticks, large or small that have fallen over the winter. Give each child an individual small stick or a whole table of children a large stick. Cut squares of colored tissue paper (Spring Colors)- 3x3 inches and give to child. Have the children wrap one of the squares at the eraser end of a pencil, dip it in glue, then place the glued end on the stick. Continue until the stick is nearly covered. Remember to use only one color per stick.


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