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Arts & Crafts: Western

Bandanna added 6-27-98
Original Author Unknown

Need: Triangle piece of fabric, Paint, shaped sponges.

Directions: Sponge painted onto a triangular piece of material. Use shapes like cowboy hat, boot, cactus, and stars.

Branded Cowhide added 6-27-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper bag, Potato, paint, and a fork.

Directions: Branded cowhide (grocery sack paper) with potato prints (stick a fork in the potato to be the branding iron).

Sunrise pictures added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, markers

Directions: Have children draw lines across a plain sheet of paper with red, orange, and yellow water base markers. Have the children then brush water over the marks so that the colors run and blur together.

Rattlesnake rattles added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, markers, plastic soda bottle, cereal, glue

Directions: Give each child a half sheet of construction paper. Encourage the child to decorate the paper with markers. Then have the children wrap paper around a plastic soda bottle. Place some dry cereal in each child’s bottle. Spread glue on the mouth of bottle and twist cap on. Encourage the children to hiss like rattlesnakes as they shake the bottles.

Cactus painting added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: starch, water, green paint, salt, paper

Directions: Use green salt paint-- mix together 1/4 cup concentrated starch, 1/4 cup water, 2 tbsp. green tempera paint and 1 cup table salt. Paint a cactus using this paint! when the paint dries- it will have a neat texture

Tumbleweed art added 8-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper plate, brown paper, glue, straw, brown yarn

Directions: Make paper plate tumbleweeds by spreading glue over large plate. have child tear stripes of brown paper and lay them in glue. Also, provide straw and pieces of brown yarn and twine for the children to arrange on the glue.

Cowboy Boots added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, glue, sawdust, water, brown paint

Directions: Give each child a pre cut out of a cowboy boot. Painted with a mixture of sawdust...glue....water and a drop of brown paint....great texture!

Cowboy Hats added 3-10-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Newspaper, masking tape, paint

Take 2 full sized sheets of newspaper for each hat and crisscross them.
Tape pages together so they don't slip and write name in what will be the inside of the hat. Put newspaper on child's head and wrap masking tape around the outside where the hat band would go.  After that, roll and tape the edges to make the brim. 
The child can paint the hat. (The taping process takes two adults). 

Horseshoe Prints added 3-18-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Sponge, paper towel, paint, paper

Make horseshoe stamps by cutting sponges into horseshoe shapes. For
paint pads, fold paper towels in half, place them in shallow containers and add small amounts of tempera paint. Give the children large pieces of paper. Let them press the horseshoe stamps on the paint pads and then on their papers to make horseshoe prints. Encourage them to make prints as if they were horses galloping or trotting along.

Straw Painting added 3-18-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Straw, paint, paper

Have the children use pieces of straw for paintbrushes. Have them use
different colors and see how they can paint with it and make it look different. When the paintings are finished, have them add the pieces of straw to their work for a different look.

Starry Sky added 3-18-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Star shape, paper, foil, glue

Give the kids a precut out of a star. Then let them tear foil and glue it
all over the star. Hang them from the ceiling and sleep under the stars!!!

Cowboy Boots added 3-18-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, collage materials, glue

Give each child a pre-cut out of a cowboy boot and lots of collage

Armadillo Activity added 3-25-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: cardboard, glue, crayons,

Directions: Cut out corrugated cardboard ovals.  Make sure the ripples in the cardboard go across the short width of the oval.  Have the children peel off one side of the cardboard to expose the corrugated ripples. This will be the armadillo's body.  Glue the oval on to a piece of paper. Draw a head and legs and a tail.  They are really a neat tactile art project. Then allow the children to draw in the setting.  You can even added babies with little ovals.

Paper Bag Cowboy Vest added 3-29-02 Submitted by: Katie

Need: Paper grocery bag, scissors, paint, paint brush

Directions: Take a paper grocery bag, cut straight down the center to the bottom of the bag, cut a hole in the bottom of the bag (this will be the top) and cut a hole on each side for arms.  You may need to cut and staple the shoulders for a better fitting vest.  Have kids paint or decorate their cowboy vest.

Cactus added 6-10-06 Original Author Unknown

Need: Potato, toothpicks (round toothpicks, not flat.), green paint, scissors

Directions:  Ahead of time cut the ends of the toothpick off, leaving the ends long enough to put into the potato. Throw away the middle. Have the children push the pointed side of the toothpick into the potato randomly. Then have them paint the potato green. Allow to dry.

Optional: put the potato in a pot with some dirt, just for looks.

Another Cactus added 6-10-06 Original Author Unknown

Need: small plastic pot, tongue depressor, brown and green clay, uncooked spaghetti

Directions:  Fill a pot with brown clay. Place a tongue depressor into the middle of the pot. Have the children form a cactus around the tongue depressor using the green clay. Once they have the cactus form they want, they can use spaghetti pieces for the spines, by pushing them into the clay.


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