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Alphabet : X > Arts & Crafts

Butterfly from an X added 3-4-99 Original Author Unknown

Show the children how to make butterfly wings from an X by closing the sides with lines. Add decorations and antennae.

added 3-4-99 Original Author Unknown

Draw a simple X-ray with white chalk on black construction paper. Explain that you can see bones on an X-ray and that you are going to draw some bones that you might see in an X-ray of the body. Draw each body part on the chalkboard and then wait for the children to draw that body part on their papers. Start with the head, then the neck and body, then shoulders, arms and fingers. Have a small red heart cut from construction paper to glue the heart on the right side of their skeleton drawings.

Xerox added 3-4-99 Original Author Unknown

Haul the class to the office (the secretary will love this one!) and let them "xerox" a hand..

Fax added 3-4-99 Original Author Unknown

Send/receive a fax to a parent if work, if possible (high tech!)

X Marks the Spot added 3-4-99 Original Author Unknown

Give each child one sheet of 1" graph paper. Show the children how to draw an X in each of the squares by first drawing a diagonal line from the top right corner of the square to the opposite corner, and then a diagonal line from the top left corner of the square to the opposite corner. Invite children to practice making exact X's on the graph paper. For fun, work with small groups of children and help them cross-stitch over their X's. Use yarn and plastic needles.

Your Own X Rays added 7-19-02 Original Author Unknown
Whip up a mixture of white paint and a lot of liquid soap. Pour the mixture
into a pie pan or plate. Using black construction paper let the kids make
handprints. The bubbles make it dry transparent.

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