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Library : Book Reviews > Dream Snow

Dream Snow
by Eric Carle

Review by: Jacqueline Kilmer

Eric Carle's newest book "Dream Snow" is a dream  to read.  It is a book  about giving to others.  The main character is a farmer who views life simply.  He names his farm animals by number, since he can count them on one hand.  He gives his tree the name "Tree".
The Farmer does his work then has a dream about snow. In his dream every character becomes covered with snow.  The book cleverly has a plastic "snow" sheet that can be lifted to show the animals underneath.  The words are repetitive and simple enough for an emergent reader to read. 
The Farmer wakes up to find it snowed in reality and he remembers something he needs to do for the animals. (There is also a  quaint resemblance to Santa.) He opens his pack and decorates Tree. There is a gift labeled for each animal and a button that "twinkles " when pushed.
I highly recommend this story for the 3 to 5 age group (and for all Eric Carle fans!)   Older children would find this book easy to read.  It is sure to become a classic Christmas tale.   It would make a fantastic gift for the holiday season!

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