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Library : Book Reviews > Horton Hears A Who!

Horton Hears A Who!
y Dr. Seuss

Review by: Angela Vargas

      We all love Horton, he's such an innocent and goodly soul.  On this day in May, something extraordinary happens to him.  He heard a small noise, a very faint yelp.  In fact it was a yelp for help.  He looked and he looked, but nothing he could find, 'cept a small speck of dust.  Now Horton was in a quandry.  How in the world could a dust speck then speak?  He pondered the thought and then came up with the answer.  There must be someone there, he did think.  "Some sort of creature of very small size, too small to be seen by an elephant's eyes..."  He says that a person is a person no matter how small.   So he set out on his own crusade, to save this small creature; to come to it's aid. He took that small speck and placed it on a cottony clover.   A sour kangaroo gave Horton his first cold shoulder, but he insisted there was one, if not more creatures living on his dust speck.  She called him a fool as did three jungle monkeys, and they even snatched the speck away.  An eagle swooped by and flew off with the prize and poor Horton chased after him through day and through night.  The bird finally dropped the speck on the clover into a field of, would you believe, at least a million clovers!  " I'll find it cried Horton, I'll find it or bust!"  Then clover by clover he searched and he searched calling out to each clover are you there, are you there?  He searched till he almost fell over dead, but when he got to the three millionth flower, he heard them, his friends.  He was so relieved to find them, then trouble started up again.  The sour kangaroo and the three jungle monkeys, came back again and threatened to send Horton to the loonies.  They also insisted on boiling the clover.  Horton had to think fast; he had to prove his friends were there.  Horton called to his friends and relayed the trouble.  They called back we are here, we are here, we are here.  The elephant heard them all clear as a bell but the others just stood there and frowned.  As they came to take Horton away, the who's on the clover began a huge, full town band.  They beat and they  banged on everything in sight, trying to save their poor town and themselves from this plight.  They continued and continued.  Oh they made such a ruckus, but it took an additional voice to top it all off.  One small tiny, Yopp, finally got his voice through and the kangaroo and the monkeys all heard him - We do!  " From sun in the summer.  From rain when it's fall-ish, I'm going to protect them.  No matter how small-ish!"
      I recommend this story for children ages 4-6.

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