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Library : Book Reviews > Today is Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving!
By P. K. Hallinan 

Review by: Mary Westbury

     This story is about our modern day Thanksgiving. Young children will relate to this rhyming story and will love the colorful pictures. It covers a full days activities from waking up on Thanksgiving morning with "visions of Pilgrims and Indians", to smelling the wonderful smells of potatoes and turkey coming from mom's kitchen, helping mom with preparing the pie for baking, watching football on television, going outside in the chilly air, getting your friends together to play a game of touch football, relatives showing up at your house with more food in their hands and at last, sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings with pumpkin pie for dessert. The day finally comes to an end. You are stuffed with food. The relatives are heading home, but not after kissing and hugging you one last time. You head up to your room, get ready for bed, look out the window at the moon. "And the last you do is smile and say......." "Thank you for Thanksgiving! What a wonderful day! 

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