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Library : Book Reviews > Deep in the Jungle

Deep in the Jungle
By Dan Yaccarino

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

     Deep in the jungle is a story of the king of the jungle. A lion, who was very rude! How was he rude? Well, he kept telling the other creatures in the jungle that if they didn’t obey him, he would have to eat them up. What the lion didn’t realize was that the other animals couldn’t stand him because he was so bossy! He had the monkeys fanning him on hot days, the leopards bringing him food, the elephants providing shade for him, and the gorillas brushing his mane! What a pushy fellow! One day a man entered the jungle and tricked the lion into coming with him so he could become a star. The lion, who was beginning to notice that he wasn’t much appreciated, jumped at the chance of stardom, and agreed to go with the man. The other animals were more then happy to see the lion leave! The man took the lion to a railway station and bought him a ticket for the train. When the train reached its destination, the lion found himself wearing a leash! He was taken to a colorful circus tent where he was put in a cage! The lion thought maybe this was how all new stars started out! He fell asleep in the cage and dreamed about roaring to an ecstatic crowd, who cheered and clapped and demanded an encore. Then he was woken abruptly by the crack of a whip, "Show time!" the man said to him. "Why do you have a whip?" the lion asks the man. The man explains to the lion that it is all part of ‘showbiz’ so the lion goes along with him to the center ring. The man began cracking his whip and ordering the lion to do tricks for the crowd, which the lion didn’t seem to enjoy. The lion felt as if he was doing all the work and the man was getting all the attention. This happened night after night until the lion was fed up! He gulped the man up and let out a loud roar which sent all the audience running for safety. Then the lion made his escape. He followed the train tracks back to the jungle, and to his surprise all of his friends were locked up in cages when he arrived. The other animals said mean things to him, because of the way he had treated them before he had left. He was about to leave too, but then he realized what to do. He gobbled up the man that was locking the animals up, and proceeded to free his friends. After apologizing to his friends, he never again roared orders at them, except of course when he was performing for them! 
       I recommend this book for children between the ages of 4-10. It teaches them to treat others the way you would like to be treated or you may end up losing your friends, and could possibly even be gobbled up!

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