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Library : Book Reviews > Auntie Claus

Auntie Claus
By Elise Primavera

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

     The Kringle family were a very well to do family. They lived atop of an expensive hotel and they owned several businesses. They had a Christmas tree up all year round, and even named their youngest son, Chris! Sophie and Chris Kringle had everything a child could want and more, however it was never enough for the two spoiled brats! When Auntie Claus suggested they might have been given to many presents, Sophie told her "You can never have too many presents!". Now don’t misunderstand me, Auntie Claus loved Christmas as well, however her motto was ‘tis better to give then receive’. Sophie knew Auntie Claus was hiding something from the rest of the family.
     Every year after Halloween, Auntie Claus would go away on a business trip and would not return until Valentines day, and she also always wore a mysterious diamond key on a chain around her neck. Whenever Sophie asked her about these things Auntie Claus would quickly change the subject. She even told Sophie once, "it is something for me to know and for you to find out!" So with that, Sophie decided she would go too! There were many boxes in Auntie Clauses house. Sophie picked the biggest one and crawled inside. She made a peep hole in the box so she could see what was happening. Suddenly she saw Auntie Claus remove the key from her necklace to open the elevator that was in her apartment. Her helpers loaded all the boxes into the elevator and shut the doors, with Sophie and Auntie Claus inside. The elevator shot straight up out of the building and continued on its way, higher and higher past the stars! When the elevator finally landed and Sophie and the boxes were left alone she snuck out of her box. There before her stood Mr. Pudding! "You must be the new elf," he said " But your not dressed properly!" Mr. Pudding told Sophie to follow him and he said to hurry as there was only 48 days left! So begins this adventure, and so begins Sophie’s lessons about Christmas. Will Sophie find her Auntie Claus ? Will she learn the true meaning of Christmas? Is she on Santa’s ‘Bad Boys and Girls list’? Find out in this book by Elise Primavera.
     I recommend this book for the ages of 6-10 as it is a long story, however it is full of surprises and fun!

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