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Library : Book Reviews > Elliot Digs For...

Elliot Digs For Treasure
By Andrea Beck

Review by: Lori Plach

     Elliot Moose has found a map with an X on it. Assuming that it is a map leading to a fantastic treasure, Elliot begins to dig. His friends: Socks, Beaverton and Angel all eagerly join in while they dream of what sort of treasure they will find. Socks, Beaverton and Elliot keep digging
while Angel is seen hauling the dirt away with her sand pail with a rope
attached to its handle.
     The shovel hits something hard and excitement builds. Socks hopes
it is a box of jewels. Beaverton dreams of a chest of coins. Much to
their disappointment, it is only a big rock. Each time they hit something
hard in their deep, deep hole, the friends all hold their breath and wish
for the best. All they have found is a coin, a tin whistle and an old toy
truck but no real treasure.
     Angel is beginning to have doubts that they ever will find a treasure. Elliot shows her the map after she falls tip over tail into the hole. Elliot proudly declares that an X on a map always means treasure. Angel sadly declares that the map is really their friend Lionel's garden map and the X is where the tree sapling is to be planted. Optimistic Beaverton says that at least they helped Lionel dig a hole for the tree. Even though the hole is much too huge for the little seedling that Lionel has been tending to for weeks. 
     The friends are all in a quandary none the less. They are trapped
deep down in the hole. They come up with a plan of stacking themselves
all up one another's shoulders but the tower of bodies collapses. They
try yelling for help but no one can hear them. Beaverton calls on science
and realizes that by using a shovel and the rock that they found, they
could make a lever. Elliot jumps down on one end while Angel is on the
other end. Suddenly Angel is flying right out of the hole. She quickly
brings Lionel and some rope back to hoist her friends from the hole.
Lionel is amazed by the treasures that his friends did find. Although,
they weren't exactly the treasures that they were hoping for, they were
treasures indeed. 
     Just as "Elliot Digs For Treasure" is a treasure about friends
working together to solve a problem by using scientific facts. Children
will fall in love with the antics and expressions on these stuffed animal

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