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Library : Book Reviews > Peanuts Emergency

Peanuts Emergency
By Cristina Salat

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet


      It all happened after school on that April afternoon. When all the children’s parents had come to pick them up, Peanut was left standing there.  No one came for her, her mom was late! Peanut climbed up the tree to see if she could see her mom coming. Her teacher walked right by the tree and didn’t notice Peanut waving at her. When she realizes she is totally alone Peanut becomes upset. She remembers the emergency money that mommy had put in the zippered pocket in her running shoe. When Peanut opens the pocket and realizes that the money is gone, she remembers about the cupcakes she bought with the money instead. Oops! Now Peanut feels like she has been bad, her mother specifically told her that the money was for emergency situations only, and Peanut had disobeyed her.

      Peanut knows how to make a collect phone call from the pay phone, but after she pushes the “0” button, she can’t remember her phone number to give to the operator.

When a stranger approaches her to ask for help finding his lost puppy, Peanut gets a little worried. She remembers another thing her parents had told her. “If a stranger bothers you, go someplace safe and tell someone!” Peanut runs around the corner into the store where Mrs. Yee works. Peanut doesn’t know Mrs. Yee very well, but her mother always buys a coffee here so it will have to do.

      Peanut tells Mrs. Yee what has happened and how everybody forgot about her. Mrs. Yee gives Peanut a lollipop to calm her down, and then looks in the phone book for Peanuts number. When they call Peanuts home, there is no response. Peanut doesn’t remember her Grandpas last name so she cannot call him either. The only other option may be to call the police for help. Mrs. Yee tries to call Peanuts house one more time and finally her worried mother answers the phone. She races to the store and explains about the car problems she had and apologizes for being late. Peanuts mommy takes her home where Peanut explains to everyone what had happened and where she had been. Her mom agrees that her emergency money was to be saved for an emergency, but she is happy that Peanut is home safe. Peanut still thinks she has been bad, until her family explains that she did all the right things while on her lost adventure. She knew not to talk to strangers, she knew to go to someplace safe and tell, and she got home safely!

     “Someone brave and smart keeps thinking and trying until they find a way to get safe. That is what you did,” says mommy.

     Peanut is not bad, she is good and smart and very brave, but most of all Peanut is home with her family, safe and sound!

     This book introduces and reinforces safety rules for what to do should we get lost. A great book to read during “safety week” as it encourages discussions and awareness. Tammie Lyon illustrates this book in watercolor on Bristol board.

I recommend this book for ages 0-10, because you’re never too young to learn about safety!

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