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Library : Book Reviews > Franklin Plats A Tree

Franklin Plants A Tree
By: Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark

Review by: Robin Hatfield

     Mr. Heron is giving away trees to celebrate Earth Day and Franklin is so excited he gets up early, digs a huge hole right outside his bedroom window and heads off to the park with his wagon. He hurries down the path to get his tree before all the big ones are taken. He is planning to build a tree house and hang a tire swing right away. He is confused when he sees Rabbit leaving the park without a tree. Rabbit tells Franklin the tree is in his knapsack, it is called a sapling, or baby tree. Franklin said he was there to get a tree big enough to play in right away. Franklin made it to the front of the line and was handed a Sugar Maple sapling the same size as all the others. He sadly pulled the sapling home in his wagon. He would have to fill in most of the hole he had dug earlier. When Franklin arrived back home, the baby tree was gone! He was sad, but since it was so small and he couldn't play in it today he didn't look around for it too much. When he told his parents what had happened, they reminded him that he had promised to care for the tree, no matter its size. Franklin knew they were right, so he retraced his steps back to the park. On his way, he passed Rabbit, Bear and Beaver and they were all taking care of their trees. Rabbit was watering his, Bear had built a fence so his tree would not get stepped on and Beaver named hers and started measuring its height on a growth chart. Franklin realized his tree would not grow big or strong if he didn't find it and take care of it. At the park he told Mr. Heron what had happened and was surprised to learn that someone found and returned his sapling to Mr. Heron. 
      Mr. Heron shares a story with Franklin about the "tree-house tree" in the park and how it used to be sapling just like his. Hearing this, Franklin rushes home to plant his tree. He vows to water and take care of it, so the tree can grow big and strong, just like Franklin and just like our kids. This is a wonderful story.

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