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Library : Book Reviews > The Lonely Scarecrow

The Lonely Scarecrow
By Tim Preston 

Review by: Mary Westbury

        This is a story about friendship. It shows how important it is to teach our children to see what's inside a person, not what is on the outside. Like the old saying goes...."Never judge a book by it's cover!" 
     The scarecrow wants to find a friend but all the animals are scared of him. Isn't that what scarecrow's are for? to scare animals? The animals didn't like the way he looked with his "flapping coat, and big black hat, his beady eyes, his crooked nose and his jagged metal mouth". He watches the animals play and he wants to be their friend. As winter approaches, the farmer cuts down the wheat and the animals hurry to their homes. One night, a snow storm covers everything, even the scarecrow. The snow changes the scarecrow into a snowman! The animals notice that the scarecrow is gone and in his place is a beautiful snowman. The animals aren't afraid of the "snowman". They run and climb all over him. The "snowman" is very happy. But inside, he is worried. Worried that when the snow melts, the animals will find out who he really is! Will he lose his new friends? As the snow starts to melt, the animals realize who the "snowman"'s really the scarecrow. The animals thought, "Could the friendly snowman be the same scary creature they feared for so long?" The animals realized that he is friendly, no matter what he looks like. The scarecrow was never lonely again! 

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