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Library : Book Reviews > Franklin and the...

Franklin and the Thunderstorm
By: Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark

Review by: Robin Hatfield

     Most children go through a period of fearing thunderstorm. Franklin is no different; he watches the weather very closely. One day in particular, Franklin was supposed to go to Fox's house. They sky was growing very dark and Franklin changed his mind. His mother tried to reassure him and convinced him to go. Franklin put on his rain boots and grabbed his umbrella and headed out the door. The darker the sky got, the more anxious Franklin became. After crossing the bridge and arriving at Fox's house, Franklin was quite nervous. Fox was outside and thought the weather was exciting. Soon their friends, Snail, Beaver and Hawk came to play. Everyone else sensed the changes in the weather. Hawk's feathers were ruffled, Beaver could "smell a storm coming" and Fox's fur felt funny. Franklin was just uneasy. The wind began blowing even stronger. Franklin was shivering and holding onto his hat. Fox led everyone to his tree house and when his mother realized where they were, she went outside at once. She told them how dangerous it is to be near a tree during a storm. She led them into the house. Once inside, Franklin hid in his shell, not coming out for treats or to play. His friends tried to comfort him with their explanations of thunder and lightening. Soon Franklin came out and even started laughing his friends stories. Finally the storm ends and Franklin looks outside and sees-a rainbow. This is a wonderful book for anyone with a young child, not just those who are experiencing the same fears. Maybe your child could help comfort a friend in Franklin's situation.

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