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Dramatic Play : Camping

Camp Fire added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Using paper towel tubes and yellow, red and orange tissue paper crumpled up, make a campfire. Put carpet squares or real rocks and logs around it to sit on during story or circle time. Remember to talk to the children about fire, and that it is not to be played with!

Tents added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

They have neat tents now that you can put up without having to stake them into the ground. Borrow or rent one and set it up for the week.

Tent Table  added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Make a tent out of a table.

Camp Under the stars  added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.

Sleeping Bags  added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Have everyone use sleeping bags for nap time. If you do not have access to sleeping bags, just fold a blanket in half and pretend.

Camp Sounds  added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Play "nature" tapes during nap. They come in all kinds of choices these days.

Swing Set Tent added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Last year I took the swings off our swing set and draped two sheets over it to make a giant tent. The kids loved it.

What Families do added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

Act out things families do when they are camping (setting up tent, fishing, cooking, roasting marshmallows).

Camping-Set the scene added 7-19-00 Original Author Unknown

A circle of rocks and logs for a "campfire" Make a "lake" by marking off an area in your classroom with blue tape A tent- a real one or a big box or several chairs draped with a sheet to make a tent Props: Backpacks Old camera's Old flashlights Pots and pans for camp fire cooking Sleeping bags "Wild" stuffed animals ie:  bears, deer, squirrels, etc..... Fish for the lake "Fishing poles" Swim suits for swimming in the "lake"

Camping added 8-12-00 Original Author Unknown

Make a campfire out of paper towel rolls to look like logs, then cut flame shapes out of a piece of oak tag and put it into the logs. Put this in the middle of the room. Then with the sticks you find on a nature walk, put marshmallows on them and pretended to roast marshmallows around the campfire. Add a few songs to complete the experience.

Camping Supplies  added 8-12-00 Original Author Unknown

Supply youngsters at this center with a supply of outdoor apparel, such as fishing hats, flannel shirts, boots, backpacks. Also stock it with items needed for camping : food boxes
lanterns (toy)
Help them figure out why they might need them on a camping trip. Now's the time to start making up stories about some great adventures.


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