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Dramatic Play : Animals > Farm

Milk a Cow added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Encourage the children to pretend to be farmers, using any props you have available.
Ahead of time, make a pinhole in each fingertip of a latex glove. Outside, hang a clothesline about three feet above the ground. Clip the prepared glove to the clothesline with a spring-type clothespin. Place a pail below the glove and a low stool or chair beside it. To help the kids understand more about cows, milk a glove! Fill the
prepared glove with water. Let the kids take turns squeezing the fingertips of the glove as if milking, so that the bucket goes into the bucket. A friend of mine had one of the Dads of her preschoolers cut out a big cow from ply wood with a stand. She attached two of those thin latex gloves to the bottom of the cow, poked needle sized holes in the fingertips. Now the kids can milk the cow! We took one saw horse, wrapped numerous layers of newspaper around the middle and then a brown blanket. Add yarn tail, paint some spots on saw horse legs, add cow face, made from a shoebox, rubber glove for utters, the children milked it, rode it, combed its tail, one of the best learning experiences for farm in a long time - everyone had a great time.

Barn added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

Make a barn out of a large cardboard box. Have the children help paint it. When dry, the children can play in it.

Be an Animal added 5-29-99 Original Author Unknown

How about if they pretended to be an animal, like a duck, and made up a story about their day on the farm? What would they do, what would the eat, where would they sleep, etc. Play a pantomime game. Using small plastic farm animals or small pictures as cues, one child looks at the picture or animal secretly and then pantomimes the actions of that animal - kids guess which animal he/she is.

Blocks Penning The Pig added 3-06-01 Original Author Unknown

Encourage the children to build pigpens for toy pigs and a farm for other farm animals. Using rubber farm animals, children can build homes the correct size for each animal using different kinds of blocks ie: unit blocks, color inch cubes and lincoln logs.

Feed The Animals added 3-06-01 Original Author Unknown

Place a toy animal of your choice on the table. In front of the animal, place a tin pie plate. Provide the child with a pan containing uncooked oats or popcorn, and a scoop to feed the animal. Consult with the child on how many scoops of food the animal should eat, then help the child place that many scoops of food into the pan. Pretend the animal eats all of the food. How many more scoops should the animal be fed?


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