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Alphabet : B > Games & Outdoors

Balloon Fish added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Partially blow up ten small balloons. Place them in a dishpan full of water. Set the pan on the floor and let the children take turns fishing for balloon fish with a food strainer. Help each child count his or her catch before putting the fish back in the pan.

Balloon Jump added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Blow up balloons and tie them with long strings. Then hang the balloons from the ceiling at a height that will tempt the children to stretch, jump and bat the balloons around.

Balls added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Sponsor a basketball-shooting contest. Look for a lowered basket or have the children throw the ball or beanbags into a trash can instead.

Balloons Keep up! added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

(Be very careful with balloon pieces near small children)

Give each child a balloon. Have the children practice blowing them up. (Older Children Only!) Help each child tie his or her balloon and play "Balloon Keep It Up". See how long the children can keep their balloons up in the air without letting them touch the ground.

Balleyball added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Play "Balleyball" - a variation of volleyball.

Fun With Beanbags added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Play a type of tic-tac-toe game where they toss the bean bags onto a board and try to have them land on certain targets. You could also put letters on the floor, have the children toss a bean bag, and have them name the letter that it lands on. More advanced children might think of a word that starts with the letter.

More Bean Bags added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

We add bean bags in our parachute play and have it pop like popcorn. It does pop out but that's half the fun.

Baby Picture game added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Kids bring a baby picture, then the teacher mounts pictures on a board and the kids try to guess who is who. We extend this by having them write "When I was a baby I ___________."

Button Game added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: 1 Sheet Each: Green, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red and Orange Fun Foam, 1 Black Acrylic Paint Pen , 2 Buttons Per Player (Size of Nickel), Scissors, Craft Glue, Ruler, Pencil

1. Cut the shapes from the fun foam colors you desire. Be colorful and creative! 2. Glue the vehicles or desired holiday shapes onto the green fun foam sheet. 3. Using the ruler, draw straight lines onto the foam under the shapes with black paint marker.

This game is played like Tiddly Winks. Use the edge of one button to flip another onto the game surface. If the button lands on the school bus, you get 10 points; if it lands on the truck, you get 15 points, and if it lands on the car, you get 5 points. The player with the most points wins.

Balls in the Bucket added 3-1-99 Original Author Unknown

Put a bucket in the middle of a circle, put a strip of tape on the carpet about 5 ft. away from the bucket. Children stand behind the strip and throw a dice, counting the dots and dropping that number of balls in the bucket. To make it harder use two dice as an addition game. You could also have them add one more to the number on the dice or less than the dice. If you want to write with it make it into a class book and recorded the "problem" and let them draw a picture that would have the correct "numbers" on it.



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