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Alphabet : D > Games & Outdoors

Ducks added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Have the children pretend to be ducks out for a walk. As they waddle, ask them to make the sound of D.

Dodge Ball added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Have the children form a circle facing inward. Choose two or three children to go inside the circle, the other children throw balls into the center trying to touch on of the inside children. If they are successful, they exchange places with the children they hit.

Detective Work added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

What has a blue body, four legs, a balk head, and a gaping mouth? Answer, a mailbox. This is a guessing game in which you try to provide as few clues as possible about an object you see. The children continue to ask questions until they get the answer. You can play this game anywhere! During your walks, in the house, in the car etc! ----the first child to get the answer selects the next object to be "discovered". For younger children, keep the activity simple. (ex) you might give clues for a yellow house with a cat in the window by saying, "I'm thinking of something big and yellow where a kitty lives." You'll find a world of clues right at your door step. From street signs and cars to inch-worms and's all fair game for this game!

Go for a Dandelion Walk added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Walk the neighborhood looking for dandelions. When you find them, help the children to pull them up from their base--getting the roots if you can--the kids will think they are pretty and you will be "weeding" the neighborhood at the same time!

Dig for worms added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

After a Rain fall dig for worms outdoors.

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