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Alphabet : F > Games & Outdoors

Freeze added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Call out movements for the children to perform, such as Walk, skip, hop, jump, waddle, etc. When you call "Freeze!" they must stop immediately and hold the
positions they are in.

Gone Fishin' added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Need: pencil and paper, strainer, styrofoam, Yardstick or dowel, masking tape, bucket or wading pool.
optional: waterproof markers, scissors

First, have the child draw fish shapes on the paper (make sure they are no longer than the diameter of your strainer). Then cut the fish out. Next, have your kids trace the fish onto a sheet of styrofoam. finally, cut out the styro. fish (you will probably have to do this part!). You can have the kids decorate the fish with markers, but you'll have to use waterproof ink---make sure to take appropriate precautions. To make a "fishing pole" attach the handle of the strainer to the yardstick or dowel with masking tape. Fill the bucket or wading pool with water and let the fish loose in their native habitat. Issue some fishing permits (***I know you all know this already **supervise closely around water) and the kids are ready for a day at the fishing hole!! Make up some stories about the ones that got away!!!

Fish added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

Make a fishing game by cutting out fish shapes from construction paper and attaching paper clips to the head of the fish. Use a straw to make a pole and attach yarn for the line. Use either a magnet, or another paper clip bent like a hook and let the kids fish for their prey! I have used this to learn colors, if they can name the color of the fish they can keep it. whoever has the most fish wins. You can also use it for letters, numbers, shapes or anything you are trying to teach.


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