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Games & Outdoors : Seasons > Fall

Wind Warm-Ups added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Have the children imagine that they are beautifully colored autumn leaves swaying in the autumn breeze. Tape long crepe paper streamers to one child's arms so that she becomes the breeze, winding her way through the leaves. The leaves begin to flutter as the wind comes closer. When the breeze is full and hard, the leaves break away from the tree and fall to the ground. Let the children see how many different ways they can fall to the ground - gently floating, spinning, swaying, bouncing, and so on.

Raking Leaves added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Next ask your children to pretend that they are out raking the autumn leaves. Have the children rake all the leaves into a large pile. How will the activity end? Let the children might want to play in the leaves
- rolling, sliding, and tossing.

~Perhaps the wind will pick up again and undo all their hard work. The children can all wear streamers now and be the wind.
~The children can stuff the leaves in large "bags". The children choose partners. One child is the giant bag, holding his arms in a wide open circle. The other child picks up armfuls of leaves and stuffs them into the "bag."

Scarecrow Movements added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Playing all types of instrumental music (classical, jazz, modern, etc.) have the children move the way they think a scarecrow would move in rhythm to the music.

Colored Leaf Game added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Cut leaf shapes out of selected colors of construction paper and place them in a paper bag. Have the children sit in a circle. Let one child at a time reach in the bag and take out a leaf. Explain that in order to keep the colored leaf, the child must name something that is a matching color (a red apple, a yellow banana, my blue shirt, etc.). Continue the game as long as desired, making sure that everyone ends up with the same amount of leaf.

Squirrel and Nut added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

One child is chosen to be "it" and is given a nut to hold. The other children form a circle, sitting on the floor. They extend one hand and close their eyes. "It" tiptoes around the inside of the circle and puts the nut into one of the outstretched hands. The one who receives it jumps up and chases after the other until he catches "it". He/she then becomes "it" and the games proceeds as before. The children open their eyes as the chase begins.

Bean Bag Leaf Toss added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Make several loosely bean bags in leaf shapes, red, green, orange and yellow. Set a bushel basket a few steps away. The children stand behind a line and try to toss their bean bags into the basket.

Walnut Hunt added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Hide walnuts in the play yard. Suggest that the children be squirrels hunting for
walnuts. Have the children put their nuts into a community basket. When all the
walnuts are found, help the children count them.

Song for Walnut Hunt
Sung to: "Ten Little Indians"
Little gray squirrels
Huntin' for walnuts
Little gray squirrels
Huntin' for walnuts
Little gray squirrels
Huntin' for walnuts
Storing them away for winter!

Nut Hunt added 11-6-01 Submitted by: Ashley Robertson

Check for Nut allergies first! Depending on the age group of the children involved, select several types of nuts (be sure to use larger nuts for smaller children).  Before your day starts, hide nuts around your home or child care area.  Demonstrate to the children how you can act like a squirrel, and how you're looking for the missing nuts which you had harvested.  Enlist their "squirrely" help in finding them!

Leaf Toss added 9-2-02 Original Author Unknown

Take a sheet, or a parachute. Gather real leaves, fabric leaves, or paper leaves. Place them in the middle of the sheet. Gather around the sheet and have the children lift the sheet slowly and then quickly to see how all the leaves "float".


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